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Sport & Wellness

Take Your Workout to the Next Level. Here are Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Level Now and Get More Fit. Don't let exercise scare you.
So, your knee hurts. What’s your next step? First, always seek the guidance of a health care professional. Treatment may include rest, ice, rehabilitation, and in the worst-case scenarios, surgery. They may also recommend the use of a knee sleeve or a knee brace. Braces and sleeves have different functions, so be sure to understand which one is right for you. Let’s examine the differences.
I often tell my clients that if they want to age independently, it’s important to maintain a strong, flexible, functional body. Imagine losing the ability to toilet yourself, shower or bathe, or even dress as you age? By choosing exercises that are multi-joint, you are better replicating the movement patterns used in daily life and will strengthen the muscles that serve multiple joints. Check these Functional Exercises for Your Buttocks.

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