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Compression Socks Advantages

Benefits of compression socks

If you envision thin, tight black dressy socks when you think of compression socks, think again. The modern compression sock is designed better than ever, not just for superior performance but also a far more attractive style. With improved design, compression socks now offer enhanced form, function, and a great look.

Compression socks are often suggested for those with circulation issues; the lower leg’s gentle compression by the sock promotes venous return, improving blood circulation from the bottom up. If you currently have medical conditions, check in with your doctor before trying compression socks. 

1. Improves Recovery

A recent study completed for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that:

  • Below-knee compression socks are a valid, safe, and relatively inexpensive recovery¬†method.
  • This study indicates all runners would benefit from the use of compression¬†socks for 48 hours following exercise, and they should see a 6% improvement in their¬†recovery parameters.¬†


2. Improve Circulation

The popularity of compression socks has grown in recent years for both everyday use and sports performance applications. These are not your grandfather’s compression stockings.

How compression socks work is relatively straightforward.

  • Their design lightly increases pressure on the lower leg tissues, improving blood return to the heart.
  • Physix Gear Sport compression socks offer a graduated medical-grade compression at 20-30 MMHG of pressure without cutting off any blood flow.
  • The idea that compression socks cut off blood circulation is incorrect.


3. Improve Athletic & Sports Performance

  • More and more athletes are turning to compression socks to improve both comfort and performance, particularly those in sports that require extended periods of physical effort, such as marathons and triathlons.
Recent research suggests that compression socks may improve with continued use:
  • Compression socks have a positive impact on subsequent running performance.
  • The¬†underlying mechanism of such performance enhancement remains unclear, but may relate to improved oxygen delivery, reduced muscle oscillation and superior running mechanics.


4. Reduce & Prevent Swelling

A quality sock will aid in reducing swelling and the prevention of possible swelling.

One recent metadata study found that:

  • Lower extremity compression can be very effective for reducing edema after exercise, hence wearing the compression socks during or after workout may reduce exercise-induced edema.

However, those with severe peripheral arterial disease and/or poor heart function should discuss the use of compression socks with their health care team. Most healthy individuals can safely use both below-knee and low-cut compression socks.


5. Increase Comfort in Activities Involving Prolonged Standing

  • Wearing compression socks during your workday may increase comfort and function, ideal for nurses, teachers, sales, and other professions who see themselves on their feet most of the day.


6. Improves Performance in Cycling / Running / CrossFit

  • Many other activities may benefit from using compression socks, such as hiking, cycling, running, and Crossfit.


7. Provides Comfort in Long Flights

  • The pooling of blood in the lower leg can become a severe medical issue, including damage to the veins and blood clots. The use of compression socks to improve circulation while on long flights is quite common.


8. Reduces Risk of Vasovagal Syncope

I have often fainted due to vasovagal syncope, which has caused several injuries when I hit the floor.

Research now suggests that wearing a compression sock can reduce the risk of a vasovagal faint by improving blood circulation.

  • One study¬†suggests that ‚Äúcompression stockings can be a safe, low-cost clinical alternative to prevent the [vasovagal syncope] episodes.‚ÄĚ


There are several added benefits of Physix Gear Sport compression socks that can improve your advantage during your daily activities and your sports performance.

The careful design protects the skin, wicks away moisture, causes zero pinching and continued compression after washing. Be sure to include adequate amounts of water in your daily nutrition, cut down on your salt intake, and be physically active every day. 


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