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5 Amazing Aspects of Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Insoles

Benefits of Orthotic Insoles

If you are one of the millions of people suffering from foot, leg, or lower back discomfort, your feet may be the culprit. 

Sometimes, we allow our feet the comfort of a pillowy slipper or the childlike joy of going barefoot. More often than not, we squeeze and squash our feet into something that looks great but really doesn’t do our feet any favors. 

A quality orthotic insole may be just what your feet need to feel their best! Many sports trainers, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and massage therapists suggest orthotic insoles for their clients.

Research indicates that orthotic insoles provide improved stability, reduce the work done by the muscles acting on the foot, and reduce the pain caused by a misaligned or poorly supported foot.


Physix Gear Sport orthotic insoles set a high standard; your satisfaction is our priority and here’s why…



It may not be feasible for you to wear “sensible” shoes all of the time. Perhaps your work requires specific footwear, such as a steel-toed boot, sneaker, or heeled pump. An orthotic insole may be the answer to your discomfort. These easy-to-use and affordable accessories fit nicely into most footwear.

Research also suggests that orthotics may also reduce muscle activity and increase performance.

Rather than always wearing your “sensible” shoes, you can slip an orthotic insole into any of your shoes, allowing you the freedom to wear the right shoe for the right occasion in comfort.

Physix Gear Sport insoles are available in a wide range of sizes and are ideal for anyone with issues such as patellofemoral syndrome, low back pain, arch and heel pain, and tired, aching feet.


Arch Support

Physix Gear Sport insoles are carefully designed to include plantar arch support. Our molded 3D arch support provides your feet with precisely what they have been searching for!

Arch support is needed for anyone with flat feet, excessive pronation, or those that just feel their best with this type of support. Designed with a focus on ergonomics, these insoles allow for more room at the end of your shoe, optimizing your comfort.

Research has suggested that an orthotic insole with arch support, like those from Physix Gear Sport, provides benefits such as improved shock absorption and an evenly distributed contact area for the foot.



Each of our feet contains twenty-six bones, thirty joints, and over one hundred muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

It should come as no surprise then that this highly complex structure may be a little or a lot out of position from time to time. A poorly aligned foot can cause discomfort from the foot all the way up to the back!

An orthotic insole will offer supported guidance to better alignment. When in correct alignment, feet can function at their best.

Orthotic insoles provide comfort, targeted cushioning, improved stability, and a more efficient transfer of power. A better transfer of power means better running efficiency and reduced fatigue. 


Quality Construction

Every single Physix Gear Sport orthotic insole is made with care and attention to every detail. Your feet will rest on an anti-microbial top fabric layer, which will provide anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and air venting properties.

Each insert is full length and offers arch support, shock absorption, and spring rebound via its durable, medical-grade EVA foam and PU materials.

It is because we use superior materials in each insole that we can guarantee your satisfaction. Another outstanding aspect of our insole’s construction is its low profile design; being ultra-thin, the insole offers a superior fit into all of your shoes.

Further, the deep cradle design provides excellent stability; stability is essential for athletes, performers, and those on the go constantly.


Plantar Fasciitis

Being on your feet all day is exhausting. Standing in one position, like surgeons, nurses, cashiers, and many other workers, is also tiring. An orthotic insole can provide much-needed comfort and relief.

One common type of foot pain is plantar fasciitis, which is severe pain in the heel. By absorbing shock and evenly distributing the body’s weight, orthotic insoles may reduce plantar fasciitis symptoms. Research suggests that orthoses can reduce the thickness of plantar fascia over just a few months. 



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