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Take Your Workout to the Next Level. Here are Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Level Now and Get More Fit. Don't let exercise scare you.
I often tell my clients that if they want to age independently, it’s important to maintain a strong, flexible, functional body. Imagine losing the ability to toilet yourself, shower or bathe, or even dress as you age? By choosing exercises that are multi-joint, you are better replicating the movement patterns used in daily life and will strengthen the muscles that serve multiple joints. Check these Functional Exercises for Your Buttocks.
What motivates you to workout? You may want to develop your wellness goal into your own personal motivational quote. There is no easy answer to motivation. You need to seek what works for you and hold it tight. Check out these 5 tips to get motivated to exercise.
Overtraining can have a variety of negative effects. Many times overtraining starts as very slow and subtle changes that you make during a training program that compound quickly, but there are great ways to track your daily activities and statistics-whether on paper or with an app or smartwatch-to prevent overtraining.
Are you having a hard time taking a day off from sports, fitness, and other physical activities? Do you know that most health and fitness experts recommend that we do take a day away from the gym for recovery and relief? Your rest day can be so much more, and by implementing a recovery and relief approach to your training, you may realize even more outstanding results in your athletic performance.
Active individuals know that muscle soreness is a regular aspect of intense sports and workouts. While many sports enthusiasts are diligent about properly warming up the body prior to exercise and sport and always follow through on a warm down and thorough stretching routine, many of us are not. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time post-game, or you find stretching doesn’t do the trick when it comes to muscle soreness. Referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), post-exercise muscle soreness can range from mild to excruciating. For many, muscle soreness can put a damper on your lifestyle and your desire to stay active. Massage therapy is excellent, but it can be challenging to get an appointment, and repeat treatments get expensive. While proper training and pre and post-workout care are critical, there is another option to taking care of those aching muscles. 
When you train for increased strength, you are training differently than when you train for endurance. It all comes down to the length of time you are training, the number of repetitions (as well as built-in rests), and how much weight you are lifting.
With everyone minimizing time in the gym for now, there are still plenty of exercises you can do from home with minimal equipment. Continuing to exercise is vital to both physical and mental health.
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Whether you are a concerned parent or a youth yourself who is interested in beginning weight training, we will tell you upfront that you should find this article encouraging! 
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Often people have wondered if there is an age that would be considered too old to start weight lifting or strength training. More and more medical studies show the benefits of lifting weights in old age.
All of the benefits of wearing compression socks during your workouts and runs, and the basic science on how to wear them properly.

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