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Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight Exercise

Many of us have been working out solo for the past year and a bit, and many have created a home space for working out. I have had a home gym for many years now, and I love the convenience and cost savings. While I have various pieces of cardio equipment, free weights, resistance bands, and other fitness equipment, I always love incorporating bodyweight exercises into my routine. 

Bodyweight exercises are not new; think military-style calisthenics and similar training programs.

  • Using your own body weight as your resistance against gravity offers many benefits.
  • First, and the most obvious, is convenience.
  • Bodyweight exercises are the most convenient way to exercise as they can be done anywhere and anytime.
  • Done right, bodyweight exercises can be ultra-efficient; challenge multiple muscle groups in one exercise.

One of the other reasons I love incorporating bodyweight exercises into my workout is the speed with which one can move between exercises and movements. There isn’t a need to find a safe place to put equipment down or search for the right piece of equipment.

Also, there isn’t a need to move from one area of your home gym to another.

  • With bodyweight exercises, you can move from one activity to the next in seconds.
  • These exercises are ideally suited to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts or a mixed cardio workout.
  • Maintain a regular routine; you can do bodyweight exercises on most days!

Another appealing aspect of bodyweight exercises is that they can be modified for any fitness level; using your body weight is suitable for beginning exercises right through to seasoned athletes.

  • The wide variety of activities that can be done can include zero to low impact movements, right through to plyometrics.
  • Plyometrics are explosive, powerful movement patterns, often with impact but always with significant fitness gains. 

Customize your home workout by including a few bodyweight exercises today!

Press Ups:

  • A classic move because it works. Also known as pushups, there are numerous adaptions and modifications for this time-tested move, so it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level. As far as upper body exercises go, this one ticks off a ton of boxes.

  • Plank:

  • No rushing this move, as it’s all about building endurance and stability throughout your core. Many plank variations exist, and while the move mainly targets the core, the adaptations allow you to bring in other muscle groups. Form is critical for this move, so perform it alongside a mirror or have someone check out your technique.

  • Mountain Climbers:

  • I’m obsessed with this move, as it serves as a total-body challenge that will improve your core, build upper body strength, and give your legs a terrific workout. Plus, it’s super dynamic, so it’s a great calorie burner. Like the other exercises listed here, it also allows for numerous modifications depending on your fitness level. Another reason I love mountain climbers is it works my agility, speed, and mental toughness.

  • Burpee:

  • This is another exercise that has been around forever, and for a good reason. Nothing gets your calories burning like a healthy set of burpees. When done correctly, using explosive power and a full range of motion, the burpee takes an enormous effort from many muscles. Consider this move more bang for your workout buck; the burpee conditions muscular strength as well as your endurance. Even better, the burpee targets your entire body in one move!

  • Glute Bridge:

  • The glute bridge, and its many variations, will exhaust your glute muscles, core, and legs. Take it slow as this move requires complete control and concentrated muscle contraction. When done correctly, you should not feel any pressure on your lower back. As this exercise strengthens your hamstrings, core, glutes, and lower back, it’s an excellent alternative for those who cannot perform squats because of joint dysfunction in the knees.


    Adjusting the number of repetitions or how long you hold a pose can change the intensity and difficulty of a bodyweight exercise! Begin with adding one or two bodyweight exercises into your routine; adding variety is a great way to overcome exercise plateaus and increase your engagement.

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