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Achilles tendinitis (also spelled tendonitis) is an injury – often characterized by a mild to moderate ache, tenderness, swelling, or morning stiffness - that affects the area in the back of the lower leg at and above the heel bone
There are many differences between foam rollers and muscle roller sticks.  Overall, muscle roller sticks have a significant edge over foam rollers. Let’s take a look at the designed use of both tools and then we’ll compare and contrast!
  • 3 min read
Pregnancy can put a lot of extra pressure on performance on the legs. Wearing compression socks while you are pregnant can be a very beneficial thing.
For most daily activities, sneakers and running shoes are the most ergonomic, most supportive, and most comfortable shoes. What criteria should you look for when choosing a new pair of shoes?
Graduated compression is used in the design of common compression gear, such as full length compression socks or calf compression sleevesCompression socks are made to support the leg and its circulation.
When you think about the benefits of exercising, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the many benefits for your physical health, but do you know about the benefits for your mental and emotional health?
  • 3 min read
Often people have wondered if there is an age that would be considered too old to start weight lifting or strength training. More and more medical studies show the benefits of lifting weights in old age.
Calf compression sleeves and full length compression socks are both useful for keeping muscles warm prior to activities, increasing blood flow during and after activities, and preventing injuries.
Fallen arches is a condition where the sole of the foot completely contacts the ground; there is no significant portion of the arch that is raised. About 20–30% of adults fall into the category of having one or both feet that have never developed arches properly.
There are many different benefits to wearing full length compression socks - whether you’re an athlete, someone who’s recovering from an injury or surgery, or a person who travels or stands a lot for work.
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Our knees take on quite an incredible amount of impact during various sports, activities, and just everyday movement, so it’s really no wonder that it is common for adults to experience some form of acute or chronic knee pain at some point.

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