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The 3 Most Essential Pieces of Physical Therapy Equipment that EVERY Person Should Own in Their Home

The 3 Most Essential Pieces of Physical Therapy Equipment that EVERY Person Should Own in Their Home

Whether you are an athlete, getting into physical fitness for the first time, struggling from chronic pain, working 60 hours a week on your feet, or recovering from a recent injury or procedure—there are three key, affordable pieces of physical therapy equipment that you will absolutely thank yourself every day for purchasing:

1. Deep Tissue Massage Balls

Massage balls are highly mobile, so you can take them with you anywhere you want without having to spend lots of money and time finding a massage clinic.  You’ll find that you enjoy using your massage balls to…

  • Give any sore areas a spa-quality massage
  • Lean against any wall with your body weight to massage the hard-to-reach places such as neck and back
  • Boost blood flow in the muscles you massage
  • Massage while you are at work, or on break!
  • Give yourself instant joint stress relief
  • Embrace your independence and give yourself a massage without the assistance of anyone else
  • Instantly roll out any cramps, aches, or soreness

2. A Muscle Roller Stick

As with massage balls, muscle roller sticks are great because you can take them with you just about anywhere you can imagine.  Muscle roller sticks allow you to give your muscles an even deeper massage, and they cover a wider surface so you can massage more of your body at one time!  With muscle roller sticks, you can:

  • Achieve serious pain relief
  • Give your yourself a thorough, deep leg massage
  • Have a partner give you a soothing and relaxing back massage, or -
  • Impress your partner by giving them a long, relaxing massage!
  • Roll the hard-to-reach muscle groups
  • Get relief for muscle groups that you can’t stretch on your normal recovery stretches
  • Roll out all of the knots, kinks and cramps in your body


3. Resistance Bands

These are one of our favorites!  Resistance bands are great, because they give you everything you need to do a very wide spectrum of physical therapy stretches and exercises at home.  Whether you are struggling with pain, recovery, imbalance, or you just want to improve your flexibility and muscle recovery – resistance bands will give you everything you need to have a full-blown physical therapy program right in your own home:

  • Use light or medium resistance to aid with stretching during your warm up or cool down stretches
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Help strengthen muscle groups during surgery recovery or rehab
  • Use during CrossFit workouts
  • Great for many self-administered physical therapy exercises to help you with any joint or muscle problems
  • Use heavy weight resistance bands for resistance training exercises to build and strengthen your arms shoulders, back, core and legs muscle groups
  • Use them for Pilates or Yoga 

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