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Shift workers and all long-hours workers alike are often subjected to long periods of standing in order to accomplish the tasks associated with their jobs. If your job involves such long hours on your feet, you may be experiencing increased aching and soreness in your feet and legs, or even swelling and throbbing. 
During the COVID-19, healthcare and other essential workers (perhaps yourself) have been working long hard hours and dealing with much extra stress as doing their best to maximize resources - including time and energy. If you find yourself in this scenario and the daily stress is taking a toll on your body right now, consider the following ways to help you take care of yourself during this difficult time. 
If you are in the medical field, you are likely working some extra-long hours right now, giving your all to help the world fight against the terrible coronavirus! How can you ensure that you do not suffer from unnecessary pain and fatigue?
If you have sore feet, the professional advice in this article is for you. We’re about to give you the top 3 best ways to fix it, specially if you work for long hours seated or on your feet.
We are proud to present the results from our deep-dive on nursing resources: The top 11 articles, blogs and guides that are most helpful for new nurses.
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When most people think of “physically demanding” jobs, nursing probably doesn’t come to mind—BUT WE KNOW! You work long, tiring shifts. 

At Physix Gear sport, we love what nurses do and their unrecognized labor in serving the patients. We care enough for the nurses as we have created a product to comfort and take care of their physical health.

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