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The Most Important Considerations for Healthcare and Essential Workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Most Important Considerations for Healthcare and Essential Workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic-Physix Gear Sport

During the COVID-19, healthcare and other essential workers (perhaps yourself) have been working long hard hours and dealing with much extra stress while doing their best to maximize resources - including time and energy. If you find yourself in this scenario and the daily stress is taking a toll on your body right now, consider the following ways to help you take care of yourself during this difficult time. 

Take care of yourself so you can take care of others

You might not be able to avoid spending your limited time and energy on things that are draining right now - but you should prioritize taking care of your physical needs of sleep, some form of regular exercise, and proper nutrition. It’s ok and healthy to kindly explain that spending a lot of time on social media or have negative conversations are not something you can afford to put energy into right now; don’t lose touch with friends and family, but give yourself mental space and time to recharge. In order to take care of others, you have to take charge of stress and its potential effects on your life.

Consider if you could use some extra support during this time

This might come in the form of having extra accountability. Consider wearing compression socks for positive blood flow support while you are on your feet constantly working long shifts, or maybe an elbow or knee sleeve for joints that are known to cause you trouble when overworked. Compression socks and sleeves are great for providing support and stability, increasing the blood flow to the areas they are worn on, in particular for compression socks, preventing pooling of blood in the legs while you are standing long periods of time.

Don’t neglect taking time for your body even when you are pressed for time

If you’re pressed for time and energy to accomplish what you need to do outside of work at this time, you will have to make many choices about what’s absolutely necessary for this season. You might think that working long hours on your feet might exempt you from the need for exercise, but you should consider working out other areas of the body or doing a focused exercise routine three or more times a week. Just 20 minutes every day can help you sleep better, have more energy overall, and ensure that you are not neglecting any area of your body. Order some pull-up assist bands to do your at-home workout regimen instead of going to the gym while it remains closed.

Deal with Stress in physically productive ways

Do you feel the tension when you get home from your long hours on your feet? Movement in the form of stretches, light cardio, and even some light weight lifting can actually be more beneficial than sitting around in your downtime at home. While you need rest, setting aside a portion of time to do some focused exercises, stretching and self-massage can help you manage any pain or swelling that might keep you up at night and also wreak havoc on your next shift.

Using a muscle roller stick and massage ball can increase the blood flow to tight muscles and release knots and tension, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed! These tools can be used on virtually any muscle group of the body for 10 to 30 seconds at a time or longer. Especially if you only have a few moments before you need to get to bed in order to get a proper amount of sleep, self-massage is a great option for taking care of your body at this trying time.

Physix Gear’s shipping department remains fully operational during the COVID-19 Pandemic, dedicated to providing you with quality self-care products during this difficult time. Order with confidence knowing that Physix Gear has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. Click here to browse and order from our recovery and relief product line now!


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