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How to Stay Healthy While Working Long Hours in a Hospital or Medical Treatment Facility

How to Stay Healthy While Working Long Hours in a Hospital or Medical Treatment Facility

If you are in the medical field, you are likely working some extra-long hours right now, giving your all to help the world fight against the terrible coronavirus! Perhaps you have felt the toll already on your feet and legs. Yet, your health is more important than ever to keep up, and while you can’t take off extra time to recoup, you need to do something. How can you ensure that you do not suffer from unnecessary pain and fatigue?

One way you can give yourself extra support is by wearing compression socks.

Compression socks have been shown to reduce fatigue and swelling as well as the pain that may accompany this. Compression socks work by increasing the blood flow to the area. Graduated compression is a design that allows the compression sock to prevent the blood from pooling and pushing it back to the heart more efficiently by being looser fitting at the thigh but tighter at the ankle. 

This increased blood flow provides the muscles with vital nutrients and also helps prevent lactic acid from building up as much by taking it away to be disposed of. Compression socks increase endurance so you feel less fatigued earlier in the day. Studies have shown that compression socks have the ability to increase this blood flow up to 40% more during the time one is active and up to 30% during the period after the activity of wearing compression socks during your shift and perhaps your commute home would be useful.



Since they are made of light-weight materials such as nylon, lycra, and spandex, which are stretchy, this makes compression socks easy to wear on a regular basis, as the material overall is breathable and wicks away sweat and moisture.

Another tool you might want to have on hand during the weeks ahead are the highly portable massage balls. You can reap all benefits of a massage without even needing a partner. Massage balls are great for quick pain relief such as in the bottom of the foot (aches, fatigue, plantar fasciitis, overworked arches, etc.), the hamstrings, neck, quads, pectorals, biceps, or triceps. Massage balls can interrupt the pain receptor cycle and loosen tight knots in muscles. You can choose from Physix Gear’s smooth lacrosse style massage balls or the spiky massage balls if you need extra pressure exerted on trouble spots. 

While using massage balls, you should avoid putting too much pressure directly on joints or bones. It’s ok to crossbones if you are using the massage ball in a circular manner to target an area, but don’t go directly along a bone, to prevent damage. These can come in handy after exercise, which is great for stress relief after a long day or just relief for the physical tax that being on your feet all day takes on your body. Keep one at your desk or station for a quick foot massage when you need it most.

Proper footwear is extremely important for supporting your feet and legs. Even a good quality shoe may require some adjustments to be the best fit, though – especially if you suffer from pain due to having high arches, fallen arches, or other conditions of the foot. Orthotic inserts, such as these are available from Physix Gear, can prevent pain from improperly fitting shoes, or improve shoes that do not offer enough support, as well as absorb shock with every step, saving your joints from extra wear and tear.

You can order high-quality compression socks to increase your endurance and decrease your recovery time, an amazing set of massage balls to release muscle tension and work out knots, and the best orthotic inserts to ensure your feet and legs have only the best support!

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