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Caring for the HealthCare Worker: 5 Tips to Give Back

Caring for the HealthCare Worker

More than ever, our healthcare workers are giving of themselves at an unprecedented level. The global pandemic has now reached a year, and during that entire time, our healthcare workers have been giving 100% of themselves; their work is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

Recognizing their unique talents and giving spirits, and the incredible effort and sacrifices our healthcare workers provide us all every day is something we should all do. Our kindness during this pandemic is needed more than ever.

1. Be generous with moments of peace, love, and kindness.

  • Even the smallest of gestures can be more meaningful than you could ever anticipate.
  • A kind note, a fresh coffee,  a sincere compliment, or the space to take a nap are simple ways to show that you care and recognize and appreciate their work.
  • Your generosity doesn’t need to cost money; in fact, the more heartfelt and authentic your moment of generosity is, the more it will be appreciated.

2. Recognize when they may need more.

  • More what? You know them best, so be in tune with what you know about them. They may need more space, more time alone, or maybe more time together.
  • We often ask the question, “Are you OK?” even though we can clearly see that the person is definitely not OK. Why not try asking what you can do to help or what they need from you at that moment.
  • Perhaps they just need a hug or for you to sit quietly with them. Give them the space to ask for what they need.

3. Offer sincere validation.

  • You don’t need to try to fix their problems or offer guidance or advice. Sometimes, the best thing to do is acknowledge their pain, let them know that they have been heard.
  • While you may not fully understand what they are experiencing, sometimes the best thing to say is a simple “I’m so sorry that happened to you” or perhaps “I’m really sorry that you are feeling down.”
  • Suppose the health care worker in your life expresses frustration about workload, concerns about patients, or fears about their own safety.
  • In that case, they probably aren’t looking to engage in a debate about budgets, PPE, or policies. They may just need to be heard, have a safe place to vent, and have their concerns and feelings validated. 

4. Pamper their feet.

  • Health care workers walk miles every day, carry heavy loads on their feet all day, and so their feet often bear the brunt of all this constant activity. Perhaps an orthotic insole would be beneficial.
  • Offer a foot massage, and tie a spiky massage ball into your at-home service. Releasing the tension in the muscles that serve the foot, ankle, and lower leg will feel just marvelous. Offering this mini spa in the comfort of their own home, on their schedule, is such a small gift, but one that will be meaningful and beneficial.
  • A relaxed, well-massaged foot will offer them reinvigoration for their next shift! If they love a gift to unwrap, order them some quality, good looking compression socks and calf sleeves to provide them with all-day stamina, increased circulation, and reduced pain.

5. Give the gift of relief.

  • Health care workers spend most of their day on their feet, and many hours are often spent in physical effort, sometimes extreme. Why not pamper them with an at-home stress-free massage?
  • The many recovery and relief products available from the folks at Physix Gear Sport can create an at-home spa for the health care worker in your life!
  • Set the stage, perhaps their favorite music, a lovely scented candle, and you doing the work behind the massage ball or muscle roller stick.
  • For many of us, getting to a massage therapist during the pandemic is just not feasible, so do your best!
  • Ask about the amount of pressure you are applying during the massage and areas to focus on or places they want you to avoid.
  • Sure, you are not a trained masseuse, but these recovery and relief products are user friendly, and the thought and effort will be so meaningful. 

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