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Chronic Back Problems? Strengthen Your Back with These Exercises at Home!

Chronic Back Problems? Strengthen Your Back with These Exercises at Home!

Statistically, your back muscles are the most under-trained muscle group in your body.  It’s no wonder why so many of us suffer from chronic back pain and back problems.  This applies to those of us who work out a lot, as well as those of us who don’t have the time or ability to hang out in the gym doing strength training several days a week.

For all of the gym-goers out there, the back has been consistently reported by professional strength trainers and consultants as the most neglected muscle group.  Think about it—if you go to the gym to lift weights, what are you targeting?  You typically target the things that people see the most - arms, legs, abs, chest and shoulders.  Many so called gym rats have been guilty at times of skipping back day completely or not even planning for back muscle development at all.

Likewise, for those who don’t do strength training or weight lifting on a regular basis, the back is very under-trained.  The back is heavily abused by all of the routine bending and simple lifting we do all day long in modern day tasks, yet we don’t do much to build back strength or improve back posture.  All of these cases make us way more susceptible to back injuries, back pain, and discomfort. 

Chronic Back Problems_ Strengthen Your Back with These Exercises at Home!

How Will Strengthening My Back Help With Back Pain?

This depends entirely what type of issues you are having.  Some more serious issues, such as spinal injuries, require advanced care from a physician and may require surgery before strength training, so it is always best to check with your doctor before beginning a back-strengthening training regimen if you have a medical condition. 

Let’s talk about some conditions such as degenerative discs and herniated discs in your back.  These two conditions are the top two most common contributors to back pain and discomfort among adults across the world today.  Building strength in your back can provide relief and treatment for both conditions.  As you build up muscular and skeletal strength, herniated discs can resolve and disc degeneration can stop or slow down significantly. 

Additionally, strengthening your back properly also increases your ability to maintain good back posture, which will fend off back problems as well. 

The Additional Back Strength You Build Can Help Take the Stress off of Many Back Problem-Causing Pressure Points, Such as Spinal Discs in the Back.

The easiest way to build back strength is in the comfort of your home with a pair of the best strength training bands like these pull-up assist bands.  Using strength training bands is very easy and can be done without any additional equipment or gear.  Strength training exercises with bands for your back will focus on several rowing style and resistance range of motion exercises that will build strength in your arms, shoulders and more importantly all parts of your back.

Chronic Back Problems_ Strengthen Your Back with These Exercises at Home!

What Exercises Can I Do With Strength Training Bands to Build Strength in my Back?

We’re glad you asked!  There are many great videos out there that show the different exercises you can do for your back.  However, to make it easy for you, we have created a professional video e-guide developed just for you with a strength training band workout regimen that will help you build strength in your back and many other areas of your body.  The video e-guide is free when you purchase any order of strength training bands from the Physix Gear Store.

NO RISK - Don’t Like the Bands? Keep the Video and Return the Bands for a Full Refund!  We guarantee you will like the bands!  If for any reason you are dissatisfied, return them for a full refund and the video e-guide download is yours to keep!  Physix Gear Sport is a family-owned business, and his quickly become the World Leader in strength training gear and resistance gear. Click here to order your complete set of resistance training bands today - we will ship them directly to your home immediately.

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