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We often take our elbows for granted, but injuries to the elbow joint are quite common. The elbow joint itself is complex; the joint is the union of three bones, and as a synovial joint, its smooth, pain-free movement is dependant on it being well lubricated. We use our elbow joints all day, every day. Just try to do anything without bending your arm at the elbow. Because of this constant use, the elbow joint is prone to overuse types of injuries. If you are an active person, your choice of activities may lead to even more use, such as throwing and rowing sports. However, the elbow joint’s design does mean that it is less likely to suffer overuse than some of the other joints in the body.
  • 3 min read
Learn how wearing an elbow sleeve can increase your circulation, prevent micro tears, and stabilize your muscle from experiencing stress from impact during activities.

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