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Resistance Training: 5 Top Tips for Beginners

Resistance Training: 5 Top Tips for Beginners

Resistance training is a foundational exercise habit; every aspect of your life, from household chores, walking the dog to your favorite physical activities and sports, will benefit from a regular resistance training program.

Resistance training may seem daunting, but it’s easily accessed by almost everyone. You don’t need a great deal of equipment, nor do you need a pricey gym membership. Getting toned, stronger muscles don’t require a massive time commitment either. 

With just a few hours of your week dedicated to resistance training, you will notice fitness gains such as the ability to stay on task longer and the ability to do more with your body. In addition, a regular program will help you develop and maintain your flexibility and balance and help you prevent severe injuries to your joints. 

1. Plan

As a beginner, you need to develop the habit of resistance training.

  • Begin planning by looking at your current schedule.
  • Pinpoint three days a week on which you can set aside thirty minutes to an hour for your resistance training.
  • Your plan should allow for a rest day between the days you train; your muscles will need time to recover and rebuild.
  • Alternatively, you could train upper body muscles on one day and lower body muscles on the next day. 

Your plan should be realistic, and while it may be challenging at first, be sure to make your new healthy habit a priority. You may have to say no to other events on the days you have set aside for training. By sticking with your plan, putting your health first, you will see the most significant benefits.

2. Equipment

Resistance training does not require you to make a substantial financial commitment. Bodyweight exercises are a fantastic place to begin, and with the wide variety of exercises, you can continue to challenge your body for years! 

  • Another fantastic option is resistance bands and tubing.
  • Resistance gear is lightweight, portable, and affordable!
  • Even better, you can realize extraordinary fitness gains while training with them. Another benefit of resistance gear is that it is user-friendly, quiet, and safe.


3. Your resistance training workout

Resistance training exercises do not have to be complicated, but you do want to do them correctly to realize the maximum benefits. Your PhysixGear Sport resistance gear purchase comes with a free e-guide that will guide you through a wide selection of exercises. 

Meet with a personal trainer, sports therapist, or another exercise specialist; these experts can measure your current abilities and design a custom resistance training program based on your fitness and goals.

4. Train Correctly

Prepare your body for resistance training by engaging in a light warm-up; ten to fifteen minutes of light cardiovascular exercise will gently increase your heart and breathing rate. In addition, a warmup will increase blood flow and the amount of oxygen being delivered to your muscles. 

As a result of warming up, your mind/body connection will be ready for the training movements that you want to do. For example, try going for a brisk walk for several minutes, followed by moving your limbs through complete ranges of motion. For instance, do hip circles, arm and leg circles.

5. Keep it Simple to Start

There are literally hundreds of effective, safe, and exciting resistance training exercises to try. However, as a beginner, you want to keep it simple to start. What is most important at this stage is building the habit, becoming familiar with how your body moves, completing the exercises correctly and building a sound base of fitness.

When resistance training, you don’t want to leave any muscles behind; balanced muscle strength throughout your body is critical for effective movement and posture. So for your first several months of resistance training, focus on five essential exercises that will not only see you off to a great start but will also become your five long-term base exercises.

These five exercises also offer tons of variations to keep things fresh. Even though I have been training for years, I still love (and see benefits!) from engaging in:

 Squats, Chest Press, Rows, Military Press, Hip Hinges.

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