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30 Minute Total Body Massage Roller Routine

30 Minute Total Body Massage Roller Routine-Physix Gear Sport

Active individuals know that muscle soreness is a regular aspect of intense sports and workouts. While many sports enthusiasts are diligent about properly warming up the body prior to exercise and sport and always follow through on a warm down and thorough stretching routine, many of us are not. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time post-game, or you find stretching doesn’t do the trick when it comes to muscle soreness. Referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), post-exercise muscle soreness can range from mild to excruciating. For many, muscle soreness can put a damper on your lifestyle and your desire to stay active. Massage therapy is excellent, but it can be challenging to get an appointment, and repeat treatments get expensive. While proper training and pre and post-workout care are critical, there is another option to taking care of those aching muscles. 

Self-massage and partnered massage are quickly becoming a regular part of many athletes’ routines; it’s easy to do, affordable, and can be done anywhere! Using a high-quality muscle roller stick like those from Physix Gear Sport offers relief and recovery, as well as improved blood flow and a release of muscle tension. Physix Gear Sport muscle roller sticks offer ergonomic, molded nubby handles, comfortable grip, and they will not exhaust your hands and wrist. At only 11.2 ounces and having silent rolling action, it’s easy to massage anywhere. Plus, Physix Gear Sport massage rollers are made with an unbreakable stainless steel core, and your purchase includes access to top tips in your free ebook guide. Find your own relief from knots, tight muscles, improved circulation, and muscle recovery!  As you are moving the roller, adjust the amount of pressure you are applying. Try shifting your movement patterns and range of motion to target those trigger points and areas of tenderness. A thirty-minute total body massage is possible; take a look at this simple yet effective massage routine:

For Neck: 

  • Take your roller in one hand, place it alongside your neck
  • Tilt your head away and down from the roller, and reach up with your free hand to hold the other end of the roller 
  • Move the roller up and down your neck

For Thighs (front): 

  • Kneel or extend legs in front of you, apply the right amount of pressure for you
  • Move your roller up and down along the front, inside, and outside of your thighs.

For Thighs (back), buttocks (glutes), and calves with a partner: 

  • Lay on your front, with head resting on your ear
  • Have your partner move your roller up and down calves, glutes, and back of your thighs
  • Avoid pressure on the back of your knees
  • Be clear with your partner on the amount of pressure you need

Back with a partner: 

  • Lay on your front, with head resting on your ear
  • Have your partner move your roller up and down the sides of your back
  • Avoid any pressure on our spine
  • Be clear with your partner on the amount of pressure you need

Biceps and Triceps with a partner: 

  • Sit or lay comfortably, with your arm extended and resting on a firm surface
  • Have your partner move the center of your roller up and down both sides of your arms
  • Be clear with your partner on the amount of pressure you need

Use your massage roller stick regularly to improve your recovery time, reduce muscle spasms, and cramps. Massage rollers are a great way to remove lactic acid buildup, a major contributor to soreness. Adjust the amount of pressure depending on your own needs, and give any problematic areas a little extra attention!

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