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Why Wear an Orthotic Insole?

Why Wear an Orthotic Insole?-Physix Gear Sport

Our feet do an incredible amount of work every day and bear the weight of our sometimes too heavy bodies. They move us through all planes of motion, speed us toward emergencies, and allow us the kind of mobility that we often take for granted. Did you know that there are 26 bones and 30 joints inside each of your feet? There are also over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments all working in concert to keep us moving. It’s no wonder then that many, myself included, experience acute or chronic foot pain.

I have had three surgeries on my feet to relieve osteoarthritic pain, and I have had to limit some of the activities that I used to love, such as running. The osteoarthritis in my feet caused me to bear most of my body weight in my heels and the outside of my foot, causing all sorts of additional problems in my knees and back. There are numerous injuries and disease processes that can affect the foot, and some will cause pain or limit your activity. However, you can be proactive and address these issues to increase your ability to be active.

Just think back to the last time you went to bed with aching, tired feet. Perhaps you began to experience the pain quite early in your busy day. Now imagine an entire day of getting out there and being active without foot pain!  If your ankle gives you grief, an orthotic insole may reduce your problem by providing supporting your entire foot during your day. Before my foot surgeries, orthotic insoles allowed me to play soccer and compete in my first triathlon!

If you are experiencing foot pain, be sure to check in with your health care team for an accurate diagnosis. Remember, too, that if you are experiencing knee or lower back pain, the problem may lie in your foot. If your arches have deviated or your foot alignment is off, this can lead to pain in the knees and back.  In addition to wearing an orthotic insole, there are a number of stretches and exercises that you can do to loosen and strengthen the muscles of the foot. Many of the activities that will enhance the foot’s performance can be completed using resistance training bands. Also, consider using a spiky massage ball; simply roll the ball around under your foot for a soothing, at-home massage. 

Consider wearing a Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Insole; and offer your feet some much-deserved care and relief. Orthotic insoles work by correcting our feet’ alignment and cushioning the foot from the hard surfaces we walk on all day. Physix Gear Sport insoles provide full-length arch support and shock absorption. By absorbing this shock, you can prevent some foot injuries and stay in your game longer. Made from medical grade, anti-microbial fabric, and a low profile, they are simple to place in all of your footwear. By coming in a range of sizes, there is a perfect fit for all. Orthotic insoles work to relieve the pain experienced by those with flat feet, knee pain, shin splints, and Achilles tendonitis. By cushioning the bottom of your foot during your day, you can relieve some of the foot pain you may be experiencing. 

A final note, and speaking again from personal experience, orthotic insoles are a favorite chew toy for dogs, so keep yours well out of your dog’s reach!

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