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Top 5 Benefits of Massage Balls and Massage Sticks

Top 5 Benefits of Massage Balls and Massage Sticks-Physix Gear Sport

Like many, I love a great workout and taking part in sports like mountain biking and wakeboarding. The more intensely I participate, the harder I push my body, the more incredible I feel. Minor muscle aches and pains are to be expected following a workout. However, suffering from these pains is optional. While seeing a Registered Massage Therapist is your best course of treatment, finding available appointments, and the cost can be a service barrier for many sports enthusiasts. Self-massage is an affordable option, and it can be done anywhere and at any time, even while binging on your favorite shows.

Two tools can be used while giving yourself a massage, and those are massage balls and massage sticks or muscle roller sticks. These are a must if you are serious about getting as much benefit as you can from your self-massage routine. Massage balls and massage sticks work to reduce tightness in the muscles, and they also aid in releasing the fascia, that thin layer of connective tissue which covers our muscles. Without a fascial release, muscles can remain painful and may not function at an optimal level. Here are the top five benefits of using Physix Gear Sport massage balls and massage sticks.

  1. Target sore spots: Massage balls and sticks are great for targeting pressure points, especially those in the calves, feet, shoulders, neck, back, and quadriceps. They can be rolled over the skin or right on top of your clothes. Because their contact surface is relatively small, it’s easy to provide the right amount of pressure for each tissue area and hone in on those hot spots.

  2. Ease of use: Both massage balls and sticks are portable, and so they can be used at home, gym, or office. They are easy to use discreetly and do not require you to lie down or disrobe, and use fits into the busiest of schedules. Compared to a massage session fee, these tools offer an affordable alternative for muscle release and relaxation. Both are easy to use independently, so there is no need to wait for anyone to assist in your self-massage. 

  3. Improved performance: Self-massage can increase your range of motion and strengthen your muscles’ function, leading to a more robust performance for your next activity! Both tools work similar to a deep tissue massage, but you are always in control of the amount of pressure. Their effectiveness means that you can enjoy performing at your best! 

  4. Quality matters: Physix Gear Sport massage balls and sticks come with a 30-Day money-back guarantee and are designed to provide you with a superior wellness experience. The muscle roller sticks have molded handles that fit your hand perfectly, and they don’t squeak, so you will feel comfortable using them anywhere. Physix Gear Sport offers a variety of massage balls: spiky, smooth, and lacrosse styles. This variety will provide you with a range of benefits, and every purchase includes a free eguide. 

  5. Health benefits: In addition to improved muscle function and increased range of motion, you will find that self-massage using massage balls and muscle roller sticks will soothe tight muscles, relieve cramps and spasms, increase blood flow, and provide you with faster recovery time. The massage balls offer just the right amount of resistance to provide you with deep relaxation. Massage sticks can soothe those hard to reach spots like hamstrings, hips, and back. By adding massage balls and muscle roller sticks to your workout bag and routine, you provide yourself with the recovery and relief you need to be at your physical best. 

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