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Top 5 Benefits of Knee Braces and Knee Sleeves

Top 5 Benefits of Knee Braces and Knee Sleeves-Physix Gear Sport

Like many active people, I have had my fair share of knee injuries and knee pain. The knee is a complex and often overloaded joint. We expect a great deal from a joint that really has a limited range of motion and one that has some delicate architecture. Most active individuals know how easily a knee injury can occur, and the drive to excel at sport and fitness usually overrides any concerns we have about our knees. Even though the knee is injury prone, it’s still better from an overall health perspective to be as active as we can be. Proper training goes a long way in preventing knee injuries. If you are experiencing knee pain, it’s essential for you to get an accurate diagnosis and follow your health care team’s recommendations.

If you suffer a knee injury, the same advice applies. You must know what you are dealing with prior to getting active again. You may want to consider wearing a knee brace or a knee sleeve before your next exercise. Consider the following benefits of wearing a Physix Gear Sport Knee Brace or Knee Sleeve. Both are made from the highest quality fabrics, such as thin, breathable, neoprene.

  1. An open patella knee brace offers your knee enhanced stability without compromising performance. Physix Gear Sport knee braces offer a customizable fit, creating a comfortable, stabilizing action while not restricting your form or your game. 
  2. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so a great fit is critical for a knee brace or sleeve to be beneficial. Physix Gear Sport knee braces are offered in 4 sizes, measured above and on the knee joint. {hysix Gear Sport knee sleeves are available in 5 sizes and offer compression that won’t bend or limit your performance.
  3. Knee braces and knee sleeves may be recommended by your sports physiotherapist or massage therapist because they offer additional support following meniscus tears and ACL injuries. Physix Gear Sport knee compression sleeves offer 4-way knee compression. Physix Gear Sport knee braces reduce the knee joint’s stress during all activity types, without slipping or sliding. 
  4. Knee sleeves can increase your blood flow through their compression action. Many users find that knee sleeves reduce pain and allow for quick warm-ups. During high-intensity complex exercises where the knee is heavily involved, a sleeve may help to prevent injuries and soreness.
  5. Knee sleeves and braces may reduce post-workout swelling, which in turn will reduce pain. Knee sleeves can offer support and pain reduction while you regain strength and learn better training techniques. Knee braces can offload some of the pressure on your knee joint, which helps to reduce pain. The stability offered by a knee brace may make you feel more confident about your movement. 

A caution, though, your knee will not reach its strongest, healthiest state if you wear a knee brace or sleeve continuously. Remember, too, that a knee sleeve does not offer the same ligament support that a brace does. Consult your health care team for your own unique needs for a knee brace or sleeve. It’s important that your exercise routine is balanced, includes rest days, and focuses on all muscle groups, including those supporting and serving the knee joint.

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