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Know Your Risks and How to Prevent Thrombosis

Know Your Risks and How to Prevent Thrombosis

Thrombosis is one of many emergent health conditions that we should all be familiar with, as it can have devastating consequences. While the definition of thrombosis is simple; its effect on the body can be fatal; thrombosis is a clot of blood in some part of the circulatory system. When a thrombus forms, it can prevent blood from flowing naturally, resulting in the clot traveling to your lungs, which is life-threatening.



It’s essential to know and understand your risk of developing a thrombus, so talk to your health care team. It’s vital to understand the warning signs and symptoms of a thrombus, so familiarize yourself with the acronym C.L.O.T.S. 

So simple to remember, just think of clots and what each letter stands for: 


  • C: chest pain may be present due to a blood clot in the lung, seen as sharp chest pain 
  • L: light-headedness may be due to a blood clot in the lung
  • O: out of breath or feeling short of breath due to a reduction in oxygen
  • T: tenderness in the legs, as well as cramping because of a clot in the leg
  • S: swelling leg due to a blood clot which reduces blood flow

If you recognize these signs and symptoms in yourself or others, seek emergency medical attention right away. Doing so might save a life. 


Thrombosis Risk Factors

There are many risk factors for thrombosis, some of which can be managed by lifestyle changes. One risk factor that is easily managed is how much activity you do each day.

  • Limited movement,
  • being overweight, and
  • sitting for too long

are all risk factors for developing deep vein thrombosis.

Decide to take care of your health by getting physically active. Becoming fitter by being active has never been easier than it is today. There isn’t a need for a costly gym membership, nor do you need to sign up for a sports team and buy expensive equipment (although these are also great options for being active and part of your community!).

Reach out to friends, family, and your wider community to see what options are available to become active in your neighborhood. More than ever before, you will see people of all fitness levels participating in an active lifestyle. While the gym is great, there are many other options such as dance class, walking groups, badminton, yoga, hiking, and the list goes on! 

Consider the option of getting fit in your own home.

Clear some space to create a home gym. The internet offers a wealth of free exercise and get healthier options, which can be done in privacy and at your own pace.

Resistance training gear can provide just as intense a weight training experience as your local gym! By doing a little searching, you are sure to find the right activity. 

Resistance Loop Bands

You may want to explore the use of compression socks and their many benefits, which now come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes and are comfortable and long-wearing for even the most active of athletes.

The compression socks from Physix Gear Sport are designed to provide you with all-day stamina, a graduated fit, and cuffs that stay put. In addition, these socks are made from a durable lycra fabric and are designed to reduce fatigue, keep swelling down, and aid in venous return. Consider their use when sitting for extended periods of time at your desk or during a long flight. If you are unsure about using a compression sock, talk to your health care team.

physix gear compression socks

As mentioned, sitting for too long can increase your risk of thrombosis, particularly in the lower legs. When this happens, you may notice that your lower leg has become swollen as the blood clot blocks your blood from moving from your leg back up to your heart. Your leg may feel tender, appear red, and feel warm. It also might be quite tender to the touch, or you may feel cramps.

In this case, it is an urgent medical emergency, and you must seek emergency medical treatment immediately. This reinforces the message that an active lifestyle is paramount and is the key to a healthy, fulfilling life! 




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