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A 5-Stage Running Plan - Ramp Up Your Fitness Routine

A 5-Stage Running Plan - Ramp Up Your Fitness Routine-Physix Gear Sport

One of the beauties of running is how easy to get started. But if you have a sedentary lifestyle, then getting off the couch is a fierce battle. It's even harder to keep up with the maintenance if you're a beginner runner.

If you are planning to get along with physical activity, running is a great way to start.

In this simple guide, you'll get to know some fantastic ways to hook yourself up with a smooth and steady running plan.

Where to get started?

Before starting any activity, planning is a first and mandatory step to have a clear picture of your goal. Never rush yourself any vigorous exercise right in the beginning as the body isn't adaptive to abrupt changes.

What is the best time to run?

You can either enroll yourself for a morning or evening routine. Both have their perks.

Morning Run:

Several people prefer morning runs due to its enormous benefits.

  1. The morning run gives you a clear headspace throughout the day.
  2. You tend to lose more weight and eat less.
  3. A morning run is competent for strength training.
  4. A regular run in the morning boosts your mood and beats your depression.
  5. For hypertensive patients, the morning run is a relief for blood pressure maintenance.

Cons: Sometimes, it can be pretty tough to be consistent for the morning run. Particularly for those who are not habitual of waking up early.

Evening Run:

Evening run is scientifically proven to be the best time to run.

The reason is that your body is used to be at its optimal temperature, hormones, and blood pressure at these hours.

  1. Early evening runs are better for muscle build-up than morning.
  2. You tend to run faster and longer distances.
  3. Evening run reduces the risk of injury.
  4. Evening run brings back the normal rhythm.
  5. Just like a morning run, early evening run can also improve your blood circulation and pressure.

Cons: Evening run may give you a hard time while sleeping at night.

Choose your plan according to your health condition and flexibility.

How sore should I anticipate to get?

In the beginning, your legs tend to become sore more quickly due to the long run for a more extended period. But if you keep up with a slow and steady weekly running routine, the soreness will subside swiftly.

If you experience any severe pain while walking or running, this is the indication to stop it right away. It is better to see a doctor if the condition is worse.

Shin splints tend to occur more when you overuse your legs. Make sure you follow your routine wisely and do not overdo it.

What is the proper running routine for beginners?

Running can sometimes be challenging, and you can be out of breath. That's why incorporating walk breaks into your running plan would be more beneficial.

Start your plan with 20 minutes of workout and don't focus on the miles. Gradually, increase your time by 30 minutes until you have developed your pace and stamina.

If you get tired while running, don't be afraid to take small breaks or hold a conversation with your companion.

Stick to the Following 5-Stage Running Program

Stage 1 - Nonstop walking

Start your plan with brisk nonstop walking without any break. Follow it for one week.

Stage 2 - Running With Walk-breaks

Gradually, start running for 2 minutes and walking for 2 minutes. Continue this practice for two weeks.

Stage 3 - Increase the Time

Now that you have started to manage your pace and comfort, try to increase your workout time. Eventually, you'll cover more grounds now.

Run for 4 minutes and walk for 1 minute.

Stage 4 - Eliminate the Walk-breaks

At this stage, you're ready to slowly eliminate the walk-breaks and run for the maximum time without any hurdle.

Stage 5 - Nonstop Running

Congrats to yourself, you've become a pro runner. At this phase, you should run for nonstop miles. But always remember to end your workout at a walk to let your body calm down deliberately.

Running has tremendous benefits for your health. According to scientific-based study, a moderate pace of running for at least 10 to 15 minutes can do wonders not only to your body but also to your mind.

What equipment do I need?

Another advantage of running is that you require very little gear. Yet the most important investment would be a good pair of running shoes. Following, if you have flat feet or knee problems, you should add Orthotic Insoles in your shoes and prop your knees with Knee Braces.

Where to Find the Best Fitness Gear

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