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The Hidden Mystery Behind Our Massage Rollers

The Hidden Mystery Behind Our Massage Rollers-Physix Gear Sport

Does this sound familiar that your body is exhausted by the end of the day and your feet ache? Our bodies must be taken care of appropriately. One of the easiest and helpful ways to soothe the pain and relax is with Foot Massager Balls or Muscle Roller Sticks. Here are some important facts about these gears.

Know your trigger points

Trigger points occur because of muscular injuries, strains, and trauma in your body. A body-massage is the only solution to the pain that is resultant of such events.

Following conditions cause trigger points to stimulate pain:

  • Weakened or Overstretched muscle fibers, fascia, ligaments, or tendons
  • Swelling in the muscle fibers, fascia, ligaments, or tendons,
  • Muscle knots and tears appear in the associated soft tissue.

If you need a more precise and pain-relieving massage, go with our Muscle Roller Sticks for the Deep Tissue Massager.

It has a single rod and a foam roller portion in the center to target areas in your body while still staying relaxed.

The body massager roller rolls lactic acid buildup and triggers points that are impossible to reach with your bare hands.

This muscle-roller massage stick is designed with many rods that roll freely, promoting recovery.

A beneficial approach to pain-relief

Foot Massage Roller can be great for relieving the pain in the muscles because of its unique design.

Lacrosse Balls provide the latest trigger point therapy that relieves muscle tension and the anxiety in your body.

The stable rubber construction can be used on any surface without lapses or damaging the ball. They penetrate and release soft tissues.

Our foot massager roller is specially designed with a spiked exterior, which is highly effective for foot arch and Myofascial release. It is a high-quality device with fair pricing that is quite helpful.

The best massage tool you can have

The massage balls, which can be any tennis ball, helps in loosening tight muscles, releasing trigger points and relieving sore muscles in the body.

If used properly, a massage ball can also protect you from expensive professional massage fees while transmitting your body feeling relaxed for a low price.

A massage ball is a requirement for anyone who wants a kieba massage for damaged and painful areas of the body, which are hard to reach, such as the lower back, upper back, shoulders, hamstrings, or the neck.

The solution to all your problem areas

You can now give your muscles yourself, by our total body massage roller, what they require, without waiting for someone to do it. These gears will succeed in better health and faster recovery.

The massagers will release and relieve painful knots, tight muscles, and even plantar fasciitis.

They will quickly decrease muscular adhesions and myofascial stiffness, which often leads to more significant injuries or foot pains.

Being the firm balls, the lacrosse balls work excellently and assist greatly in relieving the deepest muscle pain in your full body.

Our body is always in need of specific pressure and heat to areas. Massagers help us pressurize those trigger points and alleviate stress.

Where to find the best massage rollers

At Physix Gear Sport, you can use the best massager rollers and muscle roller sticks by our exceptional designers.

As humans, when we consider getting into shape and releasing muscle tension, we manage to believe in exercise and diet as the main elements to help us achieve our goals.

While these are necessary, other things help to get a healthy body and mind, one of which is massage.

For this reason, Physix Gear Sport is here to resolve your physical safety and help you find the most worthwhile fitness solutions.

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