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The Difference Between Resistance Loop Bands and Pull Up Bands

The Difference Between Resistance Loop Bands and Pull Up Bands

Resistance bands in general are not a new concept, as they have been used in rehabilitation settings for over a century. They are easily adaptable to fit numerous routines at any fitness level and experience, from beginner to professional. They allow you to exercise your entire body with just one set of equipment, safely and effectively, at any location you desire. Resistance bands can even be used in conjunction with other workout equipment, if desired.  So, what is the difference between resistance loop bands and pull up bands?  Let’s take a look:

The Difference Between Resistance Loop Bands and Pull Up Bands

Resistance Loop Bands

Resistance loop bands are a type of fitness gear made from natural rubber latex that can be used to increase strength and build individual muscles as well as muscle groups. Resistance bands can be used in activities like CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, and video workout programs (you may be familiar with their suggested use in Focus T25 or P90x), or physical therapy and rehab. They are stretchable, elastic bands and can have different kinds of haendles or no handles at all. Lightweight resistance bands are portable and easy to store. They are also an inexpensiv way to add variety to your routine or even replace equipment that you do not have constant access to.

The Difference Between Resistance Loop Bands and Pull Up Bands

Pull Up Bands

Pull up bands are similar in both material and use to resistance loop bands, and can be used for strengthening the muscles used to pull up and support your body weight using a pull up bar unassisted – these include your trapezius, biceps, rhomboids, and lats. Pull up bands are generally much longer than resistance loop bands, and do not have handles as resistance loop bands may have.     

To use a pull up band, you would loop the band around the pull up bar pulling one side through the other. Next, hold onto the bar with your hands. Then you can put one knee, or your foot, or even both knees in a kneeling position onto the bottom of the loop. Then you will pull up and attempt to lift your chin above the bar slightly. This is the main way, if not the only way, pull up bands are used.

How Resistance Loop Bands Are Used

Resistance loop bands come in different colors that are coded by weight or resistance. The lighter resistance might, for example, be used for the shins or shoulders; the medium resistance may be best for targeting the triceps and biceps; the band that provides medium to heavy resistance may be used to target whole muscle groups as opposed to just a single set of muscles and so can be used for the legs, chest, and back; and the heavy resistance, then, is good for large muscle groups such as the legs, chest, and back – and may also be worked up to for providing a challenge for the more specific targeting of muscles. They can be used entirely on their own, or with weights, for example.

Who Can Benefit From Using Resistance Bands

Those involved in any and all sports, a variety of types of dance, physical therapy, weight loss, strength training, body sculpting, etc. can benefit from the use of resistance loop bands. Some of the benefits include:

  • Aid in weight loss as increased muscle burns more fat
  • Prevention of injury by increasing the load muscles can take on
  • Prevention of deterioration of muscles and joints

Resistance loop bands are very versatile. You can use them to modify and perform activities that may already be familiar to you, such as squats, push-ups, curls, and crunches. Other exercises may include a lying down pull, lateral raise, or standing chest press – as you can see, there are endless possibilities, whereas pull up bands are more specifically just for several different types of training. Click here to check out the best resistance loop bands that you can have ordered and sent directly to your home!

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