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Strength Training Routine for Dancers - Radiate Your Passion

Strength Training Routine for Dancers - Radiate Your Passion-Physix Gear Sport

A Dancer requires different tense body movements to perform. Such activities need muscular strength and balance. A supplementary strength workout routine can serve as a crowning achievement.

With a proper exercise routine, you can promote joint stability and ensure injury prevention. You can also incorporate weight training for more power and strength.

Here you can get a simple home-based workout plan that targets full body core strength. You can schedule a set of each exercise several times a week.

Cardio as a Strong Conditioning Routine

Fifteen minutes of cardio for 2 - 3 days per week can give you significant outcomes. You can practice this even in your living room. Jumping rope can assist you in proper cardio.

Cardio is considered as a full-body workout. You can quickly warm-up your entire body and encourage muscular strength. This strength is needed in different dance moves such as catching partners, moving down onto the floor and up out of the floor at fast speeds, and jumping, etc.

You can also practice Jumping Jacks as Cardio, which targets all ranges of motion of your body and improves blood circulation as well.

Cardio also works as a fat-burning tool and mainly targets the abdomen and waist. You can also reduce joint stiffness.

For beginners, you can seek assistance through Knee Sleeves for the reduction of knee pain. Also, put on the Arch Support Sleeves for the prevention of ankle sprains.

Squats for Lower Body Strength

Three sets of ten squats with ten repetitions daily can strengthen your core, particularly your lower body. They help in boosting flexibility and strength for higher jumps and perfect landings. You can easily encourage your mobility to dance through squats.

You can double your strength with the assistance of Open Patella Knee Braces, which also reduces joint stiffness and pain.

Alternatively, Lunges can also increase the muscular strength of the lower body. You can put on Compression Socks for better support and proper blood circulation during workout.

Burpees as Bodyweight Workout

Burpees targets your upper body, lower body, and glutes at the same time. It is known as a strenuous workout, but it can significantly improve your muscular strength and cardiovascular system. It also improves your coordination and balance.

Three sets of burpees with six repetitions and 90 seconds break after each set facilitate you as a full-body warm-up. It is a faster fat-burning exercise, which also accelerates muscle performance by engaging the entire body as a whole.

Tips for proper Burpees

The classic Burpees follows four basic moves.

Move # 1: Standing position

Move # 2: Sitting position with both hands on the floor parallel to the feet.

Move # 3: Plank position, which leads to the abrupt sitting position.

Move # 4: Leaping your body into the air with straight arms.

Burpees mainly target your ankles. Knees and arms. You can support your ankles with Arch Support Sleeves for the prevention of any sprains. For arms, Elbow Sleeves can assist you in a firm plank position. With the support of Knee Sleeves, you can easily continue your workout without any pain.

Skaters for Stability and Balance

Skaters is an effective workout for coordination, stability, and balance. It involves lateral jumping that primarily rates up your heart, strengthens your legs, and stabilizes your movements.

Three sets of Skaters with 90 seconds for each set will strengthen your glutes and balance your posture. For beginners, you need to start with smooth steps rather than jumping.

The skater workout keeps a steady core to stay upright. You can double your support with Orthotic Insoles. By simply adding them into your shoe will facilitate you with a proper posture. Also, put on Arch Support Sleeves for the prevention of any hazard to your ankle joint.

Find the Best Fitness Gear for Better Performance

Dance is not just about the profession; it is also about fitness in a variety of ways through a variety of disciplines. It is a high activity to pursue at almost any age. You can quickly assist your movements through different fitness gear.

At Physix Gear Support, you can get high-quality fitness and recovery equipment for daily lifestyle. Physix Gear Support is an online store that offers you innovative muscle recovery and pain-relief management at competitive pricing.

Avail this best opportunity to continue with your daily dance performance without any limitation and let your passion shine through.

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