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The Beauty of Bands: Why Resistance Bands Are So Popular

The Beauty of Bands: Why Resistance Bands Are So Popular

It was a three week California adventure trip! My husband received his first shock at the airport when my baggage exceeded the weight limit... by a lot.

Later, when we reached the hotel and began unpacking, he received another shock when he saw that I had brought several hand weights along with me. I tried to justify this by explaining how necessary fitness was to me and that the hotel did not have an on-site gym.

As you can imagine, it was a tough sell. This was many years ago before resistance bands became mainstream fitness equipment.

Resistance bands and tubing used to be found just in the physiotherapist space, but now they are enjoyed everywhere and for excellent reasons.

I have been a massive fan of resistance bands for years now, and if you have not yet given them a try, check out their many highlights here!

Resistance Band Benefits


As a personal trainer, I know of many exercises that can be done for each muscle and muscle group. I know of at least one resistance band exercise that can be done for each of these muscles and muscle groups. Many free weights and weight machines cannot boast this level of versatility. Resistance bands provide a great workout across the entire fitness continuum. Bands are used in muscle and joint rehabilitation settings, as well as by Olympic level athletes! Versatility is essential to me in terms of location; I don’t always work out indoors, so my resistance bands go with me to some pretty spectacular places! I also enjoy how resistance bands challenge my muscles in different ways than free weights and machines. 


Resistance bands are compact enough to fit into a jacket pocket, so they are perfect for taking on vacation, whether that is a weekend road trip or a lengthy overseas adventure. When ordered through Physix Gear Sport, they also include their own travel bag and exercise guide. Want to enjoy the convenience of an at-home workout but fear your living space is not large enough? Resistance bands offer a total body workout, requiring a very small footprint in your home. In terms of storing your bands, they take up less room than a pair of socks.



Compared with costly gym memberships or pricey weights, weight towers, and resistance training machines, resistance bands are perfect for even the tightest of budgets. Coupled with their versatility, convenience, and durability, their affordability makes excellent financial sense. A complete set of resistance bands, offering the full range of resistance, will cost less than most one-month gym membership fees. When you add in the cost of your fuel, parking, and locker fees, your resistance band at-home workout gets even more affordable. 



Resistance bands work, plain and simple. By offering a range of resistance from 10 to 175 pounds of resistance and allowing for a full range of motion, they provide as intense a workout as you need. Resistance bands intensify the exercise by altering speed effectively, hitting that peak contraction point, and holding the move at that final point. It’s easy to move from exercise to exercise with resistance bands (as simple as grabbing a different strengthened band), so supersets are particularly effective. 



Resistance Bands are now made of high-quality materials, and at Physix Gear Sport, include a lifetime warranty. Their elegant simplicity means that they do not have any electronic or computerized components that will go haywire. They do not require wifi or any connectivity. There aren’t any cables to fray, belts to replace, or parts to source. Simply put, as long as you follow the basic care instructions, you will enjoy their superlative results for many years!

Resistance bands complete my home gym and play an integral role in my fitness routine. My husband and I are still happily married, and I now manage to keep my travel bags underweight…..usually. 

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