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Kinesiology Tape is Your New Cape

Kinesiology Tape is Your New Cape-Physix Gear Sport

Exercise is an ultimate gateway to keep your body healthyand the best time to do that is NOW. Therefore, Kinesiology tape is your premium companion regarding boosting your productivity.

Here is what you need to know about this fantastic gadget.

Your New Sports Medicine

Kinesiology Tape is a therapeutic tape with strong adhesion and offers you a full range of motion for different body movements. This Tape works as an active pain-relief for muscles and joints. The Tape delicately works for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin, to help with fluid drainage and improve circulation.

The Tape is not limited to professionals. Those with joint or muscle pain and swelling will enjoy the privileges.

Therefore, whether you are a professional athlete or just a simple basket player, you may encounter injuries or everyday aches that can reduce your performance. KT Tape supports you with full-time recovery without pausing your activity.

Besides, the Tape is water-resistant, which allows the swimmers to retract the shoulders and take off the pressure from the upper back of the body.

Unlike other athletic tapes, KT Tape mimics your muscle movements to assist in all ranges of motion and offers a quick recovery.

Your Physical Shield for Yoga

Yoga and meditation are a fundamental need to enhance your flexibility, strength, and improve your mindfulness. It is not just a trend to follow, it’s a favor for your own body and mind as a cure.

Since yoga consists of certain poses that stretch your body for many gains, though, most common yoga injuries are related to the lower back.

Apply Kinesiology Tape before practicing yoga to prevent yourself from body ache and muscle pull. This Tape is latex-free and provides you constant physical support all day long.

Therefore, the application of KT Tape Pro can solve all the issues related to the extension, flexion, and stability during yoga.

How Does Kinesiology Tape Work for You?

Kinesiology Tape has substantial perks to recover from muscle aches and prevent sports injuries. Be that as it may, the Tape also stimulates some placebo effects, which is associated with the belief of the athletes in using the Tape.

With the correct application of the Tape, you can be rewarded with special benefits. Physical therapists make use of the KT Tape for toning the muscles, improving the lymphatic drainage, and amending the circulation patterns for muscle recovery.

The primary goal of this Tape is to take off the pressure from a specific body part and shift it over the larger area. This process diverts the pain signals and allows the reduction in the pain.

The Tape is an ultimate physical therapy for post-surgical treatment, which causes compression and decompression to aid the different range of movements. It pulls off the skin delicately and boosts the lymphatic and blood circulation to have sufficient supply for faster recovery.

Kinesio Tape Method - The Correct Application

For the right application, you should probably consult a physiotherapist to treat you well enough. Yet you can also manage to help yourself out through proper guidelines.

Follow these best tips to apply Kinesiology Tape for effective results.

  • Prepare the area that needs the application. Trim off the excess hair for the steady skin contact of the Tape. It is better if your skin is free of oils, body lotion, or sunscreen. Gently rub your body part with alcohol wipes to prevent any irritation.
  • Apply the Tape before one hour of a workout. Carefully handle the Tape while applying to avoid any wastage. Hold the tape side by side while using it.
  • Cautiously remove the Tape with slow motion and light force. If you have sensitive skin, you can apply body oil or lotion before removing it.
  • You can also cut the Tape in different sizes and shapes for multiple usages. Unlike traditional athletic tape, kinesiology tape requires some specific guidelines for the correct application.

Where to Find The Best Kinesiology Tape

At Physix Gear Sport, you can avail of the best Kinesiology Tape with an 82-pages e-guide to illustrate the right application of the tape.

Innovation is the result of necessity, and there is no doubt that technology has advanced over the years in the fitness industry. It has served in many ways to offer encouragement during workout activity and optimized performance to aid an active lifestyle.

For this reason, Physix Gear Sport is here to determine your physical safety and to help you find the most feasible fitness solutions.

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