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How Do I Use Kinesiology Tape?

How Do I Use Kinesiology Tape?-Physix Gear Sport

You have likely seen your favorite athletes or someone in your gym sporting a length of tape across their shoulders, back, elbows, or knees. Kinesiology tape is more popular than ever, and physiotherapists, personal trainers, athletic conditioning coaches, and major athletes support its effectiveness.

Kinesiology tape is not just for the pros, though. Any level of athlete or an active person can find benefits from its use. When it is worn correctly, kinesiology tape acts to support muscles and relieve pain in muscles, joints, and ligaments.

By its strategic placement on the body, kinesiology tape may help to improve circulation and ease the pressure on pain receptors. Many users also report a reduction in painful swelling, all without a decrease in range of motion. 

When choosing a kinesiology tape for your own body, consider your options carefully. Quality matters and Physix Gear Sport kinesiology tape delivers.

While some tapes have edges that roll off your skin in the most annoying way, Physix Gear Sport tape remains in place until you are ready to take it off, even for several days. This fact makes it super cost-effective, as you are not reapplying it and using up a roll in just a few days.

Our kinesiology tape does not leave a sticky residue, and it is latex-free, water-resistant, and comes with a free illustrated e guide. This guide will ensure that you are maximizing your benefits by proper use of the tape.

Our kinesiology tape comes in a rainbow of colors as well as light beige if you want to stay low key.

Kinesiology Tape Physix Gear

Many muscles and joints can benefit from the use of kinesiology tape. Some of the more common placement areas are the shoulders. Repeated shoulder movements during sports like baseball, hockey, and swimming can lead to shoulder discomfort and pain.

By using kinesiology tape, you can stay in the game longer. And yes, Physix Gear Sport kinesiology tape can be worn in the pool! Another common placement area is the front of the thigh and down over and across the knee. Proper placement can reduce pain and help to stabilize the knee joint.

The placement of kinesiology tape is critical, as it works optimally when it is placed correctly. Its therapeutic benefits are realized when set accurately. Avoid using tape over any kind of skin injuries such as a burn, cut, or rash.

Don’t use a lotion or oil on the skin before the tape’s application; doing so will negatively affect its performance.

Do you have lots of hair in the area you want to apply the tape? Save yourself some discomfort by trimming or shaving the area. Follow your e guide carefully for accurate placement and maximized benefits!

Like any piece of sporting equipment or performance aids like braces and sleeves, kinesiology tape only works well when it is used correctly.

When the tape is on, it should surround the muscle you want to target, and it should be several centimeters longer than the muscle. Different shapes or configurations of the tape placement are used depending on the effect you want to achieve and the area you wish to provide benefits.

Your e guide will show you exactly how to place the tape dependent on your needs. Physix Gear Sport tape is easy to remove when you are ready; simply use warm, soapy water and a gentle touch.

Give kinesiology tape a try during your next athletic event or workout! Be prepared for your activities and sports by having a roll of Physix Gear Sport kinesiology tape in your locker, gym bag, and vehicle so that it’s there when you need it most.

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