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How to Get the Best Benefits from Your Kinesiology Tape: Top Three Tips

Benefits from Your Kinesiology Tape

1) Prepare to Be Relieved

  • Always cleanse the area you want to apply the tape to with soap or a gentle rubbing alcohol solution. Proper cleansing will remove any oils or other substances that will negatively impact the tape’s ability to perform at its best.
  • If you are applying your kinesiology tape after showering or bathing, don’t apply a lotion or moisturizer before placing your tape.
  • You will also want to make sure that your hands are clean, dry, and free of any oils or moisturizers. 

If you are applying the tape to an area with hair growth, it's a great idea to shave excessive hair.

Bare, clean skin will improve the tape’s ability to adhere to your skin, thereby improving its performance. Your preparation should always include removing any oils or other substances that will negatively impact the tape’s ability to adhere to your body and perform at its best.

  • Optimal application of your kinesiology tape means that both your muscles and joints will have the support they need when you become active and at rest. 

2) Apply it Right

  • Apply your tape according to your preparation and placement guidelines and apply it at least thirty minutes before you plan to become physically active.
  • In order for kinesiology tape to work, don’t stretch it too much. Both ends of the tape should be fixed on your skin rather than on the tape itself.
  • Don’t pull on both ends as anchors. 

Kinesiology tape does so much more than, say, a tensor bandage, so correct placement is everything.


Kinesiology Tape Benefits

  • With proper placement, kinesiology tape may improve your circulation and help to control any pain and swelling in injured joints and muscles.
  • Kinesiology tape also supports areas of weakness and guides muscles and joints into ideal movement patterns.
  • Just one of kinesiology tape’s many benefits is that it’s designed to reduce chronic muscular pain conditions in the knees, particularly the muscles and tendons that serve the knees. 

When you purchase Physix Gear Sport kinesiology tape, you also receive a free, 82 page illustrated E-guide so that your every application is thoughtfully guided by experts to ensure your application is optimized.

3) Choose Your Tape Wisely

If your performance is vital to you, and reducing pain and discomfort is essential to you, your choice of kinesiology tape should be equally important. The tape by Physix Gear Sports is recommended by Physical Therapists, many of whom use kinesiology tape as a regular part of their practice. 

  • This quality tape is also latex-free; latex is a common allergen and skin irritant which can cause itching, hives, rash, redness, sneezing, cough, and even the most life-threatening allergic reaction of anaphylaxis.
  • If you have a latex allergy or suspect that you may be sensitive to products containing latex, choose a kinesiology tape that is always latex-free.

You are an active person, which is why you need the highest quality kinesiology tape. To stay active, you require a tape that can keep up with you and meet your physical demands.

  • Physix Gear Sport kinesiology tape is both water-resistant, anti-peel, and resists peeling at the edges.
  • It’s cost-effective too; with proper preparation and application, Physix Gear Sport tape will be with you on all your adventures for up to three days.

If you are wearing kinesiology tape as part of a rehabilitation program, your health care team may recommend water-based exercises.

  • Physix Gear Sport kinesiology tape will allow you to complete these water workouts with confidence.
  • In addition, by being waterproof, this tape is also sweatproof so you can participate in your sports activities as fully as you are able to, with the knowledge that your tape will hold in place and do its job. 

Every person’s body lines and musculature is different, and your body’s application needs will differ from others. That’s why Physix Gear Sport tape is NOT pre-cut. At 16ft long and 2 inches wide, you are given the freedom and choice to easily cut the tape to meet your exact needs without compromise. 


Benefits from Your Kinesiology Tape

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