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9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Set of Pull Up Assist Bands

9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Set of Pull Up Assist Bands

Pull up assist bands take some of the workload off the user when performing a pull up, helping you keep your form, and do more repetitions. They are large flexible bands made of rubber.

To use a pull up band, you would loop the band around the pull up bar pulling one side through the other. Next, hold onto the bar with your hands. Then you can put one knee, or your foot, or even both knees in a kneeling position onto the bottom of the loop. Then you will pull up and attempt to lift your chin above the bar slightly.

Pull up bands can be used for a wide range of other exercises and stretches other than pull ups as well!  Now, let’s take a look at the 9 reasons why you should own a set:

They are easy to store and take with you anywhere

From gym to home and back, or for traveling, these bands do not take up much space, and yet are versatile and can provide you with several options for an on the go work out.

To ensure your whole body remains stable

You will want to ensure your movements are made intentionally, with the right amount of tension, to avoid injuries – but that’s harder as you become tired, or as you are first starting to learn how to do a pull up.

They are inexpensive

The best pull up assist bands, such as these from Physix Gear, are affordable and a good investment to ensure you are able to train safely and keep advancing.

They come in different resistances / weights

Because of the different resistances contained in a single set of bands, you can design a workout that incrementally takes the strain off of you as you do more and more reps, or as you get stronger over a period of time.

To avoid putting too much strain on your upper body

It’s possible to injure your upper body’s muscles, tendons, and even bones if you are attempting to do pull ups without the proper form, especially in the beginning as you just begin to train your muscles. Pull up assist bands ensure that you are able to complete a pull up without overdoing it.

To ensure your distance from the bar is not too great

If you have too great of a distance between where you can support yourself and where the bar is, you will not be able to maintain form as easily. You can control this distance by adjusting or just using a pull up assist band.

To avoid overusing your arms

A common mistake, especially when you are becoming tired or are starting out, is to put too much of the task of a pull up on the arms – when really you need whole body tension in order to perform a pull up properly. If you are unable to do that solo for the time being, a pull up assist band can definitely help.

To lower yourself properly with enough control

By using a pull up assist band, you can ensure that even as you become fatigued, you can remain in control as you practice lowering yourself.

Pull up assist bands have multiple other potential uses

Some use them to add resistance to the squat and bench press, speed and agility training, plyometrics, stretching, rehabilitation training, and flexibility training.

Where to Purchase Your Pull Up Bands

Physix Gear Sport is the World Leader in Pull Up Assist Bands. Physix Gear’s Pull Up Assist Bands come as the following set: purple is 120-175 lbs and 44 mm wide, blue is 110-120 lbs and 28 mm wide, green is 65-85 lbs and 22 mm wide, pink is 10-25 lbs and 12 mm wide. Physix Gear makes the best Pull Up Assist Bands and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk and you can click here to order your Assist Bands today!

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