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7 Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Feet

7 Effective Ways to take care of your Feet

Do you know how important your feet are? Do you want to avoid serious foot problems that can lead to a fungal infection?

Taking good care of your feet will help you gain significant benefits in the long run.

In this article, you’ll discover 7 effective ways to take good care of your feet. Foot care is quintessential because, without them, you can't participate in any core physical activity like walking, running, and sprinting.

Follow these 7 powerful ways to protect your feet:

1. Keep your feet clean and dry

Good hygiene is the primary step of foot care. Washing them with soap and water every day, helps you to stay away from fungal infections. Rinse your fingers thoroughly. Moreover, wear clean and dry socks and don't borrow other people's socks to avoid unnecessary bacteria touching your feet.

2. Take a close look at your feet regularly

Examining the condition of your feet on a daily basis is quite important. The foot specialists (known as podiatrist) recommend that everyone should look out for cuts, blisters, scratches, redness, and swelling. It's because these small symptoms can lead up to serious complications later. Also, check out for discoloration on your toenails and never apply nail polish in this serious condition.

3. Keep the skin smooth as silk

Gently apply skin lotion, cream, petroleum jelly on the tops and bottom of your feet to keep the skin soft and smooth. But, don't smear it between your fingers as it can cause fungal infection.

4. Trim your toenails each week

You must dedicate some time at the end of each week to trim your toenails. This not only helps your toes look good while wearing flip flops, but will also support you in wearing well-fitted shoes.

5. Diabetic people need regular foot checks

Diabetic people take much more time to heal from a particular wound and they are easily prone to injuries. Diabetes can lead up to circulatory problems because of its ability to clog up the small blood vessels in your feet. So, diabetic people must be super sensitive about their foot health and must follow their foot care plan consistently.

6. Wear proper footwear

Investing in good footwear is not only important but it has become necessary these days. While shopping for good footwear, always consider the ones with plenty of room for your toes and a wide heel. This will protect your foot from bumps and bruises.

7. Wear a good pair of Compression Socks

If you suffer from varicose veins, fatigue, swelling, itching, and burning, then you are well aware of the fact that it's high time to take care of your feet. Thigh high compression socks come to your rescue here. They help your feet to prevent venous blood from pooling in the legs and also lessen the leg swelling.

    Physix gear sport provides you with a premium range of best compression socks which protects you from vein diseases.

    Protect your feet by ordering your pair of socks here.

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