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4 Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Try Today!

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

The challenge of living better, embracing all of the many habits that will improve your lifestyle and lead you on a path to better health, can seem daunting. We are flooded with an overwhelming amount of information daily. With all of the choices, it can seem impossible to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

The unhealthy habits we have developed are all too easy to continue. However, a healthy lifestyle does not have to be complicated. Here are four healthy lifestyle habits that you can begin today, easy enough to practice every day for the rest of your life!

Drink More Water

Treat yourself to a new one-liter water bottle. Find one that makes you smile because of its design, pattern, or messaging. The material that your water bottle is made from is essential and must fit your lifestyle, and be easy to clean. 

  • Once you have chosen your bottle, begin your daily habit of drinking the full container daily.
  • During hot weather or when physically active, aim for two full bottles.
  • Play with flavors by adding a splash of orange, lemon, or lime juice.
  • Add a few berries or cucumber slices to add some zest to your water.
  • Herbs such as mint, basil, ginger, and cilantro will make your boring bottle into something more enticing.
  • Fill your bottle each morning with the goal of finishing it (or more) by the end of your day. 

Be Present

Begin this habit right now.

  • Bring your entire mind into the moment.
  • Try not to be distracted by what is happening around you.
By focusing on what is happening right now, you can bring an increased level of calm focus and wellness to your mind and body. 

Being present means feeling sensations at this moment; bring your mind to your breath and how it is flowing in and out.

  • Think about the spaces between each breath.
  • Try being silent, and listen and observe with quiet reflection what is happening around you at this moment.
  • Find joy in your observations, simple but powerful sensations like a scent or how the breeze feels against your skin.
  • Don’t think about what you want or need to do later; just be. 

Get Active

Absolutely, you should get together with a personal trainer and develop a solid, attainable fitness plan that will improve your body composition, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular health. This plan will address immediate, short-term, and long-term wellness goals. First, however, you can get active today! 

  • Put your sneakers on and go for a ten, twenty, or thirty-minute walk in your neighborhood.
  • Try to walk as briskly as your current fitness level will allow.
  • Walk tall, and engage your upper body by having firm, purposeful arm movement.
  • Think about your stride; your legs should move with length and power.
  • Try to avoid shuffling, dragging your feet, or simply strolling.
  • If others observe you walk, they would see someone walking with purpose.
  • Put a smile on your face, and know that this new habit will improve your overall health. 

Stand Tall

You have likely seen before and after ‘weightloss’ pictures throughout social media. One of the tricks used in these before and after images used to enhance the ‘weight loss’ is the model’s posture. Try it yourself!

Stand facing a mirror with your usual relaxed posture. Now, move into what is known as an ideal posture. 

  • Ground both feet on the floor; your weight should be spread evenly throughout your entire foot.
  • Draw yourself upwards; imagine a string is tied to the top of your head, with the other end connected to the ceiling.
  • Now, shorten that string.
  • Draw your belly button into your spine.
  • Pull your chest up, lifting your breastbone toward the ceiling.
  • Level your shoulders, and pull your shoulder blades back and inward. Your chin should be level with the floor and pulled in slightly.

Adjust your body so that your shoulders and hips are both level with the floor.

Note how your entire body is engaged and that many muscles are working to maintain this posture. Notice an improvement in your posture?

Move between your typical slouched, hunched, or otherwise poor posture and your tall, toned, engaged posture!

Embrace this improved stance throughout your day. 

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