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Who Are We?

The value of a Lifelong customer should be everyone’s core business model.In the Fitness and Health industry, profit is placed as priority and customer satisfaction secondary. We see this as a flaw in the industry. The value of a lasting “sticky” customer far outweighs any profit model. Our Team at Physix Gear Sport is entering this Fitness market with one mission, and that’s to change the landscape, injecting a more customer-centric focus.No quibbles with returns, free gifts, Value for money, 24/7 support are just some of the few Gems we will be bringing to the table. A long term repeat client is more important to us than just creating a sales conveyor belt and we are determined to deliver this. Founded in 2015, Physix Gear Sport enters into a fitness and health industry that has millions of product, but we are entering this arena with hand selected, proven, premium product, and one perfect launch at a time. Our Mission statement is simple: “Committed to our clients long-term Wellbeing by Providing Premium Affordable Sports Products that Recover, Relieve, & Rejuvenate, Resulting in a Happy Healthy Body”. This is the simplicity needed in this arena, and this is the Value we aim to deliver.

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