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The Top 10 Uses for Full Length Compression Socks

The Top 10 Uses for Full Length Compression Socks

There are many different benefits to wearing full length compression socks - whether you’re an athlete, someone who’s recovering from an injury or surgery, or a person who travels or stands a lot for work.

1. Reduce swelling

Whether your swelling is caused by being on your feet all day, pregnancy, or other medical conditions such as varicose veins, swelling can be concerning - and even painful. Full length compression socks can prevent the reasons swelling occurs in the first place using graduated compression, which means the sock is tighter near the ankle and gradually less tight moving up to the knee.

2. Boost circulation

One of the reasons a full length compression sock can reduce swelling is because it boosts circulation - the blood is able to be pumped back to the heart faster. This means the blood can bring back more oxygen and nutrients faster, as well.

3. Decrease risk of developing blood clots

The increased circulation means there is a decreased risk in developing a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) blood clot, so if you are at risk of developing one, doctors will often encourage the use of full length compression socks.

4. Prevent blood from pooling

If your veins and the valves that allow your veins to pump blood back up to the heart are weak, then wearing full length compression socks can take some of the workload off of these valves by using graduated compression to work against gravity.

5. Increase stamina

Many athletes and also those who are on their feet a great deal for their jobs may find wearing full length compression socks to have the benefit of increasing their stamina, as the boost in circulation without extra effort on their bodies’ part allows the legs to continually receive a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to replenish hard working muscles.

6. Aid in recovery from activity

Likewise, athletes don’t peel off their full length compression socks right after completing an activity, but actually often wear them through a period of recovery after an activity, in order to continue to benefit from the boost in circulation during recovery.


7. Assist in healing after surgery

Patients who have had one of many different types of leg surgeries may also find wearing full length compression socks to be beneficial and recommended by their doctor, to aid in the healing process by promoting blood flow to the area.

8. Help travelers, nurses, and any other people who stand or sit for long hours a day avoid serious complications

Those who travel long periods of time on planes, in cars, or on trains are at a higher risk of developing blood clots, problems with their veins, and experiencing swelling and related issues.  Also, diabetics, among those with other medical issues, will likely have issues with circulation in the legs. Wearing a full length compression sock can greatly reduce these risks, especially when coupled with a commitment to get up and walk around incrementally when possible.

9. Support muscles and joints during workout

Besides supporting veins, compression socks also support muscles and joints during a workout, absorbing some of the shock associated with running and other activities.

10. Keep muscles warm pre-workout

Athletes who play sports and train in colder climates will find full length compression socks are also useful for keeping muscles warm before a workout, which reduces the risk of muscles tearing or joints becoming injured, and increases performance.

Whether you are considering wearing full length compression socks for comfort and healing, for increased performance in sports, for the prevention of or aid in various medical conditions, or for work and travel, adding full length compression socks to your wardrobe can be a very beneficial choice!

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