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Should You Wear Compression Socks While Pregnant?

Should You Wear Compression Socks While Pregnant?

Yes, there is a likelihood that you should!  Pregnancy can put a lot of extra pressure on the legs. The extra weight of the growing baby, the 50% increase in blood volume, the weight of the supportive placenta, and extra fluid retention all may result in some swelling, especially by the end of pregnancy. 

Most notably, when you are pregnant and also are on your feet all day for work or daily activities, full-length compression socks can prevent the reasons swelling occurs in the first place. Full-length compression socks employ graduated compression, which means the sock is tighter near the ankle and gradually less tight moving up to the knee. Consult with your physician to ensure wearing compression socks while pregnant is suitable for you - in most cases, it will be highly recommended.

One of the reasons a full-length compression sock can reduce swelling is because it boosts circulation - the blood is able to be pumped back to the heart faster. This means the blood can bring back more oxygen and nutrients faster, as well.

Another benefit of wearing compression socks while pregnant is that they decrease one’s risk of developing blood clots, which would endanger the life of the mother and child. The increased circulation compression socks provide means there is a decreased risk in developing a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) blood clot, so if you are at risk of developing one, doctors will often encourage the use of full-length compression socks.

Compression socks prevent blood from pooling. If your veins and the valves that allow your veins to pump blood back up to the heart are stressed from the extra volume and pressure, possibly becoming weakened, then wearing full-length compression socks can take some of the workloads off of these valves by using graduated compression to work against gravity.

If you find you are experiencing pain, swelling, or perhaps the visible presence of varicose veins, consider a compression sock to ease these symptoms. One study showed symptoms of pain and swelling improving in just one week of wearing 18 to 21 mmHg compression socks. Another study showed that wearing 22 mmHg compression socks for 6 months was shown to control leg swelling and pressure specifically in pregnant patients.

Graduated compression socks come in a variety of pressures.
The compression usually recommended is between 20 and 30 mmHg for general purposes. This measurement (mmHg) is read millimeters of mercury. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe patients to wear extra heavy-duty compression sleeves (which may be 40 mmHg or greater) for certain conditions. These are usually not found except as a prescription, though, and through specialty providers, to ensure proper usage.

While similar, there are two main types of compression socks you may be interested in while pregnant: Calf compression sleeves allow for you to wear regular socks with them, and will work normally in conjunction with any sock and shoe combinations that you already use, as opposed to full-length compression socks which cover your foot and act as both a comfortable sock and calf compression sleeve. 

To ensure a comfortable fit, all compression socks come in several sizes – small/medium, large/xl, and XXL are common. In order to find the proper size, one must measure the largest part of their calf; sizes are based on the circumference of the calf. The sock may also vary in length to ensure a good fit, which is important for receiving the most benefits from wearing compression socks. 

Where to Find the Best Compression Socks and Products

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