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5 Amazing Aspects of Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Sticks

physix gear muscle roller sticks

It should come as no surprise that Physix Gear muscle roller sticks are top-notch; our comprehensive line of performance and recovery gear offers high-quality products and outstanding customer service along with our personal commitment to your better health.

In addition, sticking with a wellness plan that includes highly nutritious foods and an active lifestyle should also have time for recovery and relief for your hardworking body.

One of our best sellers is a product that offers聽recovery, relief, and improved performance.Many of us experience minor aches and pains following our daily activities, especially following intense sports or other physical activity. Much of this pain is caused by muscles that remain tight, unstretched, and achy.

Unfortunately, too many of us enjoy a vigorous and intense workout and fail to take the time to warm down and stretch out the muscles we have challenged. Another poor practice is engaging in an activity without a warm-up, warm-down, and thorough stretch, resulting in those post-game aches and pains.聽

A proper warm-up will prep your body for physical activity by setting your cardiovascular system in a higher gear, upping your body temperature, and increasing much-needed blood flow to your muscles. A proper warm-up will also reduce your risk of an injury and lessen post-exercise pain.聽

A proper warm down eases your body back to its pre-activity state; doing so too quickly can result in health complications such as fainting.

  • By warming down, your body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure can ease back to their resting rates.
  • In addition, when you complete a post-activity stretch, you help to remove lactic acid buildup; not doing so can cause muscle cramps and stiffness.

I know your time is precious, and you are constantly on the go. You have taken the time to do your body good by working out, but taking additional time to stretch after physical activity may not be your top priority. However, the benefits of post-activity stretches are numerous!聽

Here are the amazing aspects of our Physix Gear Sport Muscle Roller Sticks:

1). Your gym bag, desk, or living room are a great place to include your Physix Gear Sport massage stick.

  • These affordable, lightweight, and insanely portable massage rollers may improve your sleep, reduce your pain, enhance muscle growth and repair, and improve your overall flexibility!

2). After activity, you need recovery and relief.

  • What you don鈥檛 need is a complicated process with expensive, heavy equipment.
  • Our massage sticks are user-friendly and lightweight, weighing in at only 11.2 ounces.
  • The ergonomic handles are molded with soft nubs to create a comfortable grip and one that will not fatigue your hands.聽

3).聽 PhysixGear Sport offers a high-quality massage stick that is carefully designed to meet聽your athletic needs.

  • In addition, these massage sticks have been engineered to function.
  • They offer seven individual spindles that move independently, allowing many muscles to be targeted during each sweep.聽聽

4)聽 PhysixGear Sport massage sticks聽do so much more than just feel good.

  • They are designed to increase blood flow, reduce muscle soreness, improve range of motion, and encourage movement through your lymphatic system.
  • When used with your free e-guide, you can expect your sore, aching, strong muscles to feel rejuvenated!

5) Self-massage is a great option, and using massage balls, and muscle roller sticks allow you to target especially problematic areas and hot spots.

  • In addition, muscle roller sticks and massage balls are thoughtfully designed to get to places where your hands may not be able to reach.
  • Using these fitness tools regularly, you will notice relief from muscle adhesions, myofascial stiffness, and improved circulation.聽

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