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The Difference Between Muscle Roller Sticks and Foam Rollers

The Difference Between Muscle Roller Sticks and Foam Rollers

There are many differences between foam rollers and muscle roller sticks. Overall, muscle roller sticks have a significant edge over foam rollers. Let’s take a look at the designed use of both tools and then we’ll compare and contrast!

Uses of Muscle Rolling Tools

Rolling tools have a vast number of benefits for muscles, joints, ligaments, and even arteries. For one thing, these tools can be used to reduce stress and tension in general. Also, used pre-workout, the risk of developing fatigue too quickly during workouts can be avoided, and so performance may increase. You can improve your strength and flexibility, prevent injuries such as the tearing of muscles, and improve circulation during your workout by rolling beforehand.

As for post-workout, not only does rolling minimize pain from sore muscles, but this can also aid in faster recovery periods – not to mention getting better rest at night. As you can see, rolling your muscles with a roller such as a massage stick has many benefits for pre-workout, during a workout, and post-workout.

Foam Rollers

There’s certainly a difference between foam rollers and muscle roller sticks. Foam rollers are a tool used in muscle rolling. The major drawbacks of foam rollers include their large size (lack of portability) and the fact that you can only use them by applying full body weight.  Foam rollers are made in different densities such as soft, medium, or firm, and come in various sizes. The idea with foam rollers is that the denser they are, the more intense the massage will be. Most foam rollers are not necessarily very portable, especially the larger ones. You can expect that the smallest foam roller will take up the majority of an average-sized backpack.  Muscle rollers work by applying full body weight over the top of the foam and then rolling it, such as sitting down on the roll to roll out your glute or hamstring muscles.  This makes it difficult or impractical to reach many muscle groups.

Roller Massage Sticks

A muscle roller massage stick is a deep tissue massager that can relieve compressed nerves, knots, achy joints and stiff muscles in no time. Made of an extraordinarily strong stainless steel core, and thermoplastic rollers, the muscle roller stick has molded snub handles and most importantly, does not squeak as other products do during use. You can roll each area for about 20-30 seconds at a time (certainly no more than two minutes per area) to enjoy the most benefits without any other unwanted effects. You don’t have to wait for a massage appointment or help from a partner to find relief. Areas that can be rolled with a massage stick include but may not be limited to:

  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Hip flexors
  • Back
  • Arms

A massage stick can also be used for trigger points, deep tissue massage, to combat sore muscles, break up muscular adhesions, and promote blood flow to aid in recovery. It is best to avoid certain areas such as the neck and groin, as the pressure exerted will put certain tissues and nerves at risk. Even so, most areas can benefit from this muscle roller; if you’re having pain from shin splints, plantar fasciitis pain, or issues with a frozen shoulder, try rolling the surrounding/above and below areas – a muscle roller can reach even places that are hard to reach with a conventional foam roller.

Massage stick rollers often used to increase balance, flexibility, and range of motion, along with strength training and rehab. The best massage sticks are an even more versatile option than traditional foam rollers because they are portable and effective.  Easy to use and store in your gym bag, locker, on the go, or at home, the massage stick is lightweight and compact. You can even have a partner use a massage stick to give you a soothing massage in those hard to reach places if you’d like!  

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