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My Aching Feet! Finding Relief Through Action!

How to Relieve Aching Feet

For most of us, being on our feet the entire day can bring mild discomfort. For the tens of thousands of front-line workers that have gone above and beyond during our global pandemic, foot pain may be a source of agony, sometimes debilitating.

There is relief at hand for those with mild discomfort and those that cannot take much more. Your first step is your health care team to rule out anything serious. The next step, get proactive about your foot health.

  • Conditions such as聽plantar fasciitiscause significant problems due to the ligament鈥檚 inflammation, which runs along the foot鈥檚 bottom. This inflammation causes pain in both the heel and arch.
I know first hand the pain caused by osteoarthritis in the feet; it causes worn cartilage, pain, swelling, and bone deformity. It can be exhausting to find a pair of shoes that won鈥檛 make the problem worse or rearrange schedules to find some downtime.

Many other conditions, diseases, and injuries to the feet can be life-limiting and cause work loss.

Take better care of your feet by seeing a foot specialist and making great use of quality products designed to ease foot pain. If your foot pain is severe, check in with a doctor right away.

How to Relieve Aching Feet

Compression Socks

Great circulation is essential for life, and poor circulation in the feet can cause problems.

Wearing a quality compression sock may improve your comfort, reduce pain, and swelling.

  • Physix Gear Sport offers the best fabric and construction, no stitches where they shouldn鈥檛 be, which all contribute to your improved function.
  • Better still, Physix Gear Sport socks won鈥檛 squish your toes, and they will wick any sweat away.

Orthotic Insoles

  • The correct orthotic insole may ease much of your discomfort and allow you to engage fully in your sports, work, and other activities.
  • Orthotic insoles are designed to balance out the impact on your foot and provide comfort with every step.
  • A deep heel cradle will keep you moving, and the low profile design allows you to wear them with most shoes.

Massage Balls

Self-massage is more than an indulgence. It鈥檚 a necessary part of your聽recovery and relief.

  • Roll the sole of your feet over a massage ball for several minutes after work or workout for a relaxing release of tension and pain.
  • Using a massage ball on the sole of your feet can be done throughout the day and can be used while working at your desk or watching tv.聽

Arch Sleeves

A slim-fitting, no bunch, wear with any shoe arch sleeve can provide you with pain relief, soothing compression, and reduced swelling.

Arch sleeves are suggested for those with plantar fasciitis, high and low arches, heel spurs, arthritis, and tendinitis.
  • The quality arch sleeves from Physix Gear Sport are made with thoughtful design; the non-slip and lightweight design allows for total mobility.
  • For even greater comfort while you work or workout, these sleeves have moisture-wicking features which control sweat, smell, and bacteria.

Plantar Fasciitis Socks

The pain from plantar fasciitis can put a massive weight on your enjoyment of life.

By supporting your arches, targeted compression, and ankle support, Physix Gear Sport plantar fasciitis socks are designed to pamper your feet while improving your function and performance.聽

Other Ways to Soothe Aching Feet

Stretching and strengthening the muscles that act on the foot are critical.
  1. By taking some time to complete several exercises and stretches, you can relieve pain and tension.
  2. Try sitting in a stable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Then, raise your heels up till just your toes and the balls of your feet are touching the floor. Hold this stretch for five seconds.
  3. Then try spreading your toes out as widely as you can comfortably ten times.聽
  4. Put a towel on the floor, place one foot on the end of the towel, then use your toes to pull the towel in towards you. Repeat this exercise on the other foot.
  5. When standing, lean your shin forward as you keep your heel on the floor. Repeat this stretch on the other foot.

By taking the time to address foot pain and discomfort, either by medical treatment or the use of items designed specifically for this purpose, you can get back on your feet and back to life!

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