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How Wearing Compression Socks Helps Shift Workers

How Wearing Compression Socks Helps Shift Workers

Shift workers and all long-hours workers alike are often subjected to long periods of standing in order to accomplish the tasks associated with their jobs – 8, 10, 12 or more hours, with breaks few and far between. If your job involves such long hours on your feet, you may be experiencing increased aching and soreness in your feet and legs, or even swelling and throbbing. Wearing compression socks can provide extra support and increase the blood flow to the legs, preventing many such issues that can come from daily standing such long periods of time.

Compression socks increase blood flow, which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are able to then reach the muscles as they are being engaged. This is vital for someone who is essentially engaging their leg muscles for an entire shift.

Compression socks are designed using graduated compression. This means they are tighter at the bottom than at the top; the calf compression sleeves put pressure on the leg from the ankle to the thigh. This pressure aids in the movement of the blood up the leg, and through the veins’ system of valves, preventing pooling. This helps the blood that has been deoxygenated flow back up to the heart faster (this is also known as venous return) and becomes oxygenated once again. Wearing calf compression socks has been shown in numerous medical studies to increase this blood flow up to 40% more during the time one is active, and up to 30% during the period after activity. This doesn’t mean you should wear them when you’re going to bed, but wearing them for the duration of your shift and perhaps your commute home would be useful.

Compression socks and sleeves are made of light-weight materials such as nylon, lycra, and spandex, which are stretchy. This makes it easy to wear them on a regular basis, as the material overall is breathable, and wicks away sweat and moisture. Calf compression sleeves are a great alternative to full-length compression socks - they allow you to wear regular socks (or no socks) and are worn just below the knee down to the ankle. The right fit will be snug but not uncomfortable, and to ensure a good fit, they come in several sizes which are based both on the circumference (which should be measured at the largest part of the calf) as well as length. Ensuring a good fit is important for receiving the most benefits from the calf compression sleeves. The compression usually recommended is between 20 and 30 mmHg (this medical unit of measurement mmHg is millimeters of mercury).

In case you need to meet a specific sock or shoe combination for whatever reason, calf compression sleeves allow you to wear regular socks with them, as opposed to compression socks or stockings, which cover your foot and also act as a sock.

Calf compression sleeves support muscles by decreasing the vibrations that occur during impact activities. If a person’s job requires lots of standing and walking, calf compression sleeves can be extremely useful, as they allow you to experience less fatigue and stress due to impact, and therefore greater endurance. If you have ever experienced shin splints, calf cramps or strains, or Achilles tendonitis due to your job’s

requirements, then you can comprehend the benefits of avoiding these conditions by wearing calf compression sleeves or full-length compression socks.

Just some of the many benefits may include:

  • Decreased soreness as lactic acid is removed more quickly
  • Less fatigue
  • Increased blood flow / decreased pooling during activity and recovery
  • Fewer muscle cramps
  • Less risk of damage or stress to muscle due to impact and vibrations
  • Protection against tendonitis in the ankles

You don’t have to look further than Physix Gear Sport, the world leader in lower body relief and recovery gear, to find affordable calf compression sleeves and socks - available right here in a wide variety of colors to enjoy.  They are very comfortable since they offer protection and increased performance! Try them risk-free: if they don’t provide immense relief and comfort, send them back for a full refund.

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