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It’s Spring! 5 Top Tips for Taking Your Workout Outdoors

Workout Outdoors tips

This year has been challenging for those who love to participate in group fitness classes and the wide selection of workout equipment available at high-end gyms.

Home workout gyms can be fantastic; I love mine and always get a great workout in. However, the sun is now warmly shining, and nature calls. Here are 5 tips to consider now that you are ready to take your workout outdoors.

1) Gear Storage: 

While you want to keep your carry-ons to a minimum, there are several essential items that you should consider having stored away. Your chosen workout will inform these items. Streamlined and lightweight backpacks are super practical, as are runner’s belts and fanny packs. Don’t cringe at fanny packs; they are designed better than ever and very roomy. 

Be sure to have room for enough water to stay well hydrated during and after your workout. Find a storage system that will not interfere with your chosen exercise and one that will not cause chafing or rubbing. Carry just the essentials that you need to stay healthy and safe.

2) Comfort:

Your workout comfort is key to you sticking with the routine. If you have issues with your feet, consider investing in some quality foot orthotic insoles to improve your comfort and foot positioning, and posture. Compression socks are now made with the athlete in mind and will provide you with greater lower limb comfort and improved circulation.

If you are caring for some minor aches and pains, consider the many advantages of using a quality kinesiology tape;  water-resistant and anti-peel tape will offer much-needed support for your muscles and joints.

3) Protect Your Skin:

Repeated and extended exposure to UV light, both from artificial sources and the sun, causes skin aging. Your home and car windows are also contributing to your UV exposure every day. Photoaging may include wrinkles,  age spots, or discoloration. Consider using a quality sports sunscreen with a super high SPF that will help protect your skin from the sun’s adverse effects. 

By using sunscreen,  wearing a hat, avoiding excessive sun time,  and using effective cleansers and moisturizers, you will help minimize your skin’s aging. When choosing a sports sunscreen, look for one that won’t melt off your face into your eyes; sweatproof and waterproof choices are perfect.

4) Safety Plan:

It’s not something that we like to think about, but there are risks when we are out and about. Find some friends to join you in your outdoor fitness adventure. Along with increased safety in numbers, you can build relationships, motivate one another, and share fitness tips.

If you are set on going solo, let a trusted someone knows where you are headed, what time you are leaving, and what time you are returning. Your failure to report in following your workout means that help will be initiated and sent to your location. 

Brightly colored, reflective, and neon fabrics will increase your visibility to motorists and cyclists. If you are heading out in the wee hours, invest in a flashing headlamp. Be sure to bring your fully charged mobile phone in case of an emergency. Toss in a lightweight tensor bandage; your most likely injury is a strain or sprain.

5) Layers on Layers: 

Avoid having your workout halted because you didn’t dress appropriately. The science behind workout clothes is better than ever, so take advantage of fabrics that keep you warm and dry while wicking away sweat. Dress in light layers for changing weather, and check in to the weather report before heading out for your day. 

We lose a great deal of body heat when we are wet, so think about how you can stay dry by choosing suitable fabrics for the weather. If the weather is crisp, your fingers, toes, and ears will likely be the most vulnerable to the cold. Headbands, warm socks, and mittens are lightweight and easy to stow when not needed.

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