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How to Take Care of Your Elbows

How to Take Care of Your Elbows-Physix Gear Sport

We often take our elbows for granted, but injuries to the elbow joint are quite common. The elbow joint itself is complex; the joint is the union of three bones, and as a synovial joint, its smooth, pain-free movement is dependant on it being well lubricated. We use our elbow joints all day, every day. Just try to do anything without bending your arm at the elbow. Because of this constant use, the elbow joint is prone to overuse types of injuries. If you are an active person, your choice of activities may lead to even more use, such as throwing and rowing sports. However, the elbow joint’s design does mean that it is less likely to suffer overuse than some of the other joints in the body. 

If you are experiencing elbow pain or a limited range of motion, seek guidance from your health care team. An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is essential for you to get back to your regular activities. Common issues at the elbow joint include bursitis, a painful inflammation of the small fluid-filled sacs found in the joint. Address this by resting your arm, and if the pain continues, seek medical help. Another common issue at the elbow is tendinitis; this painful inflammation of the tendons can be alleviated with rest, therapy, medication, and sometimes surgery.  

Preventing elbow injuries requires you to be diligent about your warm-up before sports and activities. Technique matters, so evaluate your technique no matter your activity; seeking expert technique guidance may help you to prevent an elbow injury. Take the time in your workout to strengthen your forearms muscles; use Physix Gear Sport resistance training bands to enhance these key muscles will also help you to prevent elbow pain. Wear a quality compression elbow sleeve while participating in your favorite sport to reduce pain and swelling and support the joint. 

An elbow sleeve  from Physix Gear Sport can provide you with compression arm support that will allow you to get back in the game. This quality sleeve offers a fabric weave that provides an excellent fit without bunching or rolling and that will breathe.  An elbow sleeve will allow you to maintain a full range of motion with the benefits of compression. Physix Gear Sport elbow sleeves come in a range of sizes and are made with double-stitched seams, cooling,  moisture-wicking, and breathable fabrics, and they dry quickly. 

If your elbow joint is causing you discomfort, or if you are experiencing a limited range of motion or loss of power, it’s essential to address these issues immediately. If you continue with your activities while in pain or performing at less than your best, it may lead to more severe damage. Consider your sport’s movement patterns and take the time to address any muscle imbalances and lack of flexibility you may need to improve. Spend some time evaluating your diet; healthy nutrition can provide your joints with anti-inflammatory help, as well as ensuring you are consuming the right amounts of calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, turmeric, and omega-3 fatty acids. There are many nutrients that our joints need to be healthy. If you are not sure if your diet provides your joints with proper nutrition, consider consulting a dietician or nutritionist. By taking a many factored approach to your elbow health, you will avoid being sidelined by the numerous painful conditions that act on the elbow.     

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