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Massage Sticks: Red - (1 Pack + eGuide).

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  • Physix Muscle Roller Stick (1 Massage Stick) - Calf/Quads/Foot Massager Roller, Back Massagers for Pain, Self Massage Tool for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Muscle Recovery, Myofascial Release (Black)

    BEST NO-PILL THERAPEUTIC STICK Just a few minutes a day with your muscle massager roller will provide instant relief for spasms & cramps. This back roller for back pain lowers buildup of lactic acid & reaches deeply into muscle tissue.

    100% NO-RISK PURCHASE ON OUR ATHLETIC ROLLER We aim to give you relief & recovery, one calf massager at a time. If Physix Exercise Muscle Roller fails to do that, just message us and we'll make things right for you, no questions asked!

    NO-SQUEAK, ERGONOMIC DESIGN Made with premium thermoplastic spindles & a solid stainless steel core, our handheld muscle roller gets rid of tightness & knots for myofascial release & trigger point therapy w/o noise, skin-pinching, or leg hair-pulling!

    DESIGNED TO REACH YOUR WHOLE BODY With Physix muscle stick roller, you can move around & reach muscles hard to access with a usual foam roller: neck, back, legs, arms, shoulders, calves, quads, shins, IT band, hips, feet, the whole body!

    NO-RISK PURCHASE Trainers & physiotherapists use & endorse Physix muscle therapy massage stick roller. Not just for athletes, those with IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendonitis, muscle pains, or work out regularly, benefit from our massage rollers!

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