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Massage Balls: Blue - (1 Pack Spiky)

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  • LACROSSE BALL OR SPIKY BALL? Physix Gear has Total Body Healing Solutions depending on your need! Lacrosse balls are smooth & firm, designed for uniform trigger point therapy, relieving muscle tension, soreness, & relaxing tight muscles. A spikey ball on the other hand offers a stimulating effect, hits all trigger points, increases circulation & rejuvenates all areas in your body both pre & post workout, so you can train harder for longer. Get premium physical therapy balls from Physix now!

    GREAT SELF MASSAGE TOOL WITH E-GUIDE Top therapists & athletes use a myofacial release ball for their own self-care. Now you can, too! With each mobility ball purchase, you get a beautifully illustrated eGuide with robust massage strategies & techniques for your wellness & recovery. Each Physix rubber physio ball has great grip & won't slip on wood floor, wall, or skin. Enjoy relaxing therapy ball sessions while lying on a yoga mat, in bed, on the floor, or sitting comfortably on any chair!

    MADE OF PREMIUM SHOCK-RESISTANT RUBBER Unlike other brands, the Physix massage roller ball is crafted from ecologically sourced, impact-proof rubber able to withstand 300 lbs of pressure! The size & firmness of our physio balls make them more portable, flexible, & easier to control pressure with than foam or body rollers. Our muscle massage balls don't squeak & have no chemical odors like other manual massage tools & balls do. This roller massager is a gift your friends will thank you for!

    INSTANT STRESS RELIEF Physix Gear lacrosse ball massage ball therapy is perfect for relieving joint stress, muscle soreness & knots. Roll away tension in your shoulders, foot, neck, arms, legs, hips, buttocks & thighs. A spikey ball rolling ball provides an acupressure-like effect and massages muscles well, good to roll around the face, head & neck to relieve a tension headache. You can start off with the softer spiky ball and as your muscles loosen move onto the harder lacrosse ball.

    NO-RISK PURCHASE Self-care & recovery with our physical therapy balls for feet & body are what we want for you. Each rubber massage ball releases tension, helps sciatica & increases circulation. Ideal fibromyalgia gifts, our lacrosse balls massage are sold by pair while spiky ones sold by piece. Both types of myofascial release ball come in vibrant colors for visibility. Message us if you're not happy with our pressure point balls for back & body. We'll quickly make things right for you!

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