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How To Fix Sore Feet After Working Long Hours!

How To Fix Sore Feet After Working Long Hours!

Bottom line: If you have sore feet, the professional advice in this article is for you.  We’re about to give you the top 3 best ways to fix your sore feet if you fall into any one of these categories:

  • Work Long Hours
  • Flight Attendants
  • Pilots
  • Truck, Bus, Taxi or Rideshare Drivers
  • Nurses and Doctors
  • Teachers and Instructors
  • Factory and Production Workers
  • Food Service Workers, Waiter or Waitress, Host or Hostess
  • Any Job That Requires You to Be on Your Feet
  • Coaches and Athletic Trainers
  • Retail Employees
  • You Wear Shoes for More Than 2 Hours over the Course of the Day
  • Or, anything else that leaves you with sore feet! 

How To Fix Sore Feet After Working Long Hours


Use Orthotic Insoles in Your Shoes

This is the first and most important method.  Orthotic insoles, also known as orthotic inserts, are an insert you slip in and wear in your regular shoes or boots to add raised arch support under the arch of your foot.  Orthotic insoles upgrade the ergonomics of your existing shoe by adding more support for your unique foot design.

Check out our full blog article (click here to read it) that explains the science and design behind orthotic insoles and how they help your feet.  They have the ability to prevent and/or treat your chronic foot pain or soreness after a long day on your feet.  Give them a try!  Check out these very affordable and best orthotic insoles and have them shipped risk-free to your house today.  Your feet will thank you.

Wear Ergonomic Shoes

When buying your shoes for the work day, go for comfort - not for style.  Designer shoes often sacrifice ergonomics for looks.  Sneakers, running shoes, or specialty comfort shoes are typically the most ergonomic footwear that you can have in your inventory for the work day.

These types of shoes absorb the most impact and offer the most arch support.  Welcome to the future!  Gone are the days of mandatory high-heels and leather dress shoes.  You can still dress nicely otherwise and get away with wearing comfortable shoes - nobody will judge you!  Put your personal health and well-being over looks when it comes to taking care of your feet.

How To Fix Sore Feet After Working Long Hours

Use a Massage Ball at the End of the Day and On Break to Massage the Foot Muscles back to New!

If you’re not already convinced at the word “massage” - well, you should be!  If you have never had a professional foot massage, you are simply missing out on how nice your feet feel and how long the rejuvenating effects will last.  Here’s the great news, you don’t even need to pay $100+ for a professional foot massage.

Just pick up a pair of affordable massage balls like these.  Using a massage ball to roll your foot muscles out FEELS AMAZING and provides EXTRAORDINARY RELIEF from foot pain, foot cramps, foot soreness, swollen feet and muscle fatigue!

If you purchase a pair of two massage balls, you can keep one at home and take one to work.  They are small and very portable, which allows you to massage your feet before and after work, as well as during your break on the job.  This also provides you a time for quick meditation and relaxation while you massage your feet at work.  Have a desk job or work in the cubicle farm?  Nobody will even notice if you slip your shoes off for a quick foot massage under the table!  Now, that sounds soothing.  There’s many other areas of your body you can use them on also.

It’s all Super Affordable!  Here’s Where to Buy The Best Orthotic Insoles and Massage Balls:

Right here at our online store!  Physix Gear Sport is the World Leader in affordable massage gear and foot relief / foot support products.  100% Risk Free Purchase.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  A Family-Owned Business.  Quality relief gear you can trust - shipped right to your home.

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